VoIP Apps for Windows

In the digital realm, it’s impossible not consider your device’s operating system. Windows 10, being the most used version of Windows to date, is the choice of many features.Through its app store, users can download apps for their devices.

Out of the thousands of apps, one of the popular categories of apps is the VoIP section. VoIP is the short term for Voice over Internet Protocol as discussed on Knowing VOIP and How It Works. It allows communication over the Internet easier and faster. Below are 5 VoIP apps for  your Windows 10 device.


    • This may not come as surprise to you because Skype is under the Microsoft umbrella. With Skype, you can host a video meeting. It is even compatible with the new Microsoft Edge. You can even try Skype in your browser and in the browser recommended by Microsoft with NO installation needed.
    • Online calls are free and you can experience it in HD video calling. If you are curious about calling mobile phones and landlines, you can do so for a low rate. The UNITED STATES subscription is only $3.59 per month.
  • MobileVoIP

    •  This app was developed by Finarea and released in 2012.  MobileVoIP allows you to make free calls via WiFi.
    • If your selected destination is not listed on the FREE destinations, you can still make cheap calls to an international destination via 3G or your mobile network. MobileVoIP currently supports iOS, Android, and of course, Windows. To know more about its services, visit mobilevoip.com.
  • Viber

    •  One of Rakuten, Inc’s services is Viber, and it offers free calls and messages to anyone. No matter where you are, as long as you have internet connection, you can call and message using Viber. To date, Viber has more than 1 billion users worldwide.
    • With the Viber Out feature, you can make Unlimited Worldwide Calls for just $5.99 a month. There are 50 countries supported, meaning you can still reach anyone you know, even if they haven’t installed Viber.
  • Voxofon‬

    •  Released on October 16, 2010, Voxofon is an app that will help you with calling and messaging. As long as two devices have installed Voxofon, the app-to-app messaging is absolutely free, and receiving messages is also free.
    • If ever you want to make international calls, you can do this for a very low rate. With Voxofon, you pay what you use, and you are NOT tied up to any subscription plan or fee. You can send a regular text message to any mobile phone for as low as 0.9 cents per SMS.
  • LINE

    • Lastly, there’s an app called LINE, which developed by LINE Corporation on 6/10/2012. LINE does not only offer a free messaging service, but also a free video calling.
    • You can do free video calls any time as long as you are online, and you can even share your screen on video conferences. Up to 500 people can participate in a group call. Hence, LINE makes online gatherings easy to do!
    • You can easily send and receive messages, photos, videos, and large files from your contact list. Sync your PC to other devices with LINE installed. Whether you are on mobile version or the desktop version, it is easy to stay connected with people you know.

If you want to improve team collaboration, VoIP is something that you should explore. Omnipotech can provide you with Cloud Phone Solutions and Telecom Business Solutions. To know more about the business solutions we provide, please call 281-768-4800 or contact the Omnipotech Support Center.



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