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SEO Guide for Small Businesses (Part 3)

You have reached the last part on my SEO Guide for Small Businesses. For the finale, I will talk about the technical aspect of SEO, the local SEO, and the search algorithms. Let’s get into it, shall we? The Technical SEO Technical SEO, as the name suggests, refers to the technical side of things. The […]

SEO Guide for Small Businesses (Part 2)

Previously, in SEO Guide for Small Businesses (Part 1), I emphasized on identifying the user intent. For businesses to thrive online, as an owner, you need to stop focusing on your own intent to sell products and services. Instead, you need to understand how online search works and I huge part of that is Search Engine […]

How to Optimize VoIP Call Quality

In a customer-facing environment, good call quality is a must-have. Nowadays, call quality is considered as a primary need to optimize and utilize the phone service system. Many small businesses are advancing their phone service system into VoIP. Like any other system, we must need to take into consideration how we still can improve its […]

Mobile VoIP Apps for Your Phone (Part 2)

In Mobile VoIP Apps for Your Phone (Part 1), I have shared a few mobile VoIP apps. To be honest, there are still many suggested apps so I decided more of them on this blog post. Let’s start, shall we? Here are some apps you might find useful: netTALK apps NetTALK provides various applications for your […]

Mobile VoIP Apps for Your Phone (Part 1)

In the previous blog post, I have been talking about the benefits of mobile VoIP to businesses. This time, I want to explore the many VoIP apps to choose from. I am not in any way endorsing these apps. Instead, I am showing you the many options out there. Indeed, the VoIP sector is filled […]

Accessing the Many Mobile VoIP Options

As I have mentioned on How Does Mobile VoIP Work, any phone can work just as long as there is a mobile VoIP app installed in it. For sure, you are familiar with these VoIP apps, but you didn’t know they classified under this category. Some of these mobile VoIP apps are something you may […]

How Does Mobile VoIP Work?

In Knowing VOIP and how it works, I have discussed the basics of Voice over Internet Protocol. For this blog post, I will focus on the mobile VoIP sector. Mobile VoIP is an economical way to communicate using a mobile device. This inexpensive way to interact with each other can be provided by a telecommunications or […]

VoIP Apps for Windows

In the digital realm, it’s impossible not consider your device’s operating system. Windows 10, being the most used version of Windows to date, is the choice of many features.Through its app store, users can download apps for their devices. Out of the thousands of apps, one of the popular categories of apps is the VoIP […]

The Pros and Cons of VoIP

Before I begin knowing the pros and cons of using VoIP, have you read Knowing VOIP and how it works? Catch up on that a first, and go back to this topic. In this blog post, allow me to discuss the differences of a traditional landline from VoIP phone service. I will also talk about the […]