A Quick Guide in Choosing a VoIP Service for Small Businesses

Establishing your own business can be chaotic in a way that there are a lot of things to comply with and many requirements to complete. On top of that, there are competitors out there that are ready to outrun you.

With that being said, it would be best if you look for ways to optimize your business. VoIP helps your business to run efficiently, and it can open up more different doors for you. In this way, you can reach out with a lot of customers and help you fulfill the business tasks.

In this world full of innovations and advancements, you need to bring your telecommunication to the next level. This may be the time for you to have a business VoIP service that gives small to mid-size business (SMB) a unified chat and voice service.

But the next question to ask is, how are you going to choose a VoIP service for your small to mid-size business(SMB)? Here’s how:

1. Knowing all your requirements

  • Some basic features ( such as Call forwarding, Caller ID, Call waiting) are already being offered by VoIP but there are other advanced features ( like virtual assistant, call screening, call transcription) as well that can be included on the package that you are going to avail. Also, there will features that will come for free with the subscription while some will be needed to add as mandatory. So, before you choose a VoIP service, you need to make note all the features you want.

2. Plans and pricing options

  • Aside from the VoIP provider of your choosing, you might want to take into consideration to check their plans. Go through their plans and pricing and make sure to take note if there will any other charges for installation, maintenance, support or if there are cancellation fees, return policies and usage limit if any.

3. Custom mobile apps

  • This will help you and your staffs to be more productive in a way that they will have VoIP service on the go. Meaning, even though they are outside of the office  and away from their desktops, they can still manage to access the program or app that their desktop offers. However, not all VoIP providers offer this.

4. Third-party integration

  • These are the pre-built program or system by the provider that they believe their customers might want or need. Choose a VoIP service that allows you to integrate with other office apps such as Dropbox, Google Drive and Desk.com. By using all these productivity extensions, customers can can easily connect with you.

5. Customer support

  • Since a lot of businesses are using VoIP as their primary method in communicating with their clients, customers or other team members it will be needing to be backed up by a reliable customer support. Someone who can ensure that your queries will be answered immediately (or at least at the soonest possible time).

Some VoIP providers might offer you a low price, but they might be a good fit for your business. So make sure to make a detailed list of your expectations and needs from a VoIP service. When you are uncertain, Omnipotech is here for you. We can help you choose the right VoIP that is suitable for your business.  With our Cloud Phone Solutions and Telecom Business Solutions, you are sure that you can make seamless calls with the use of the Internet.

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