Every year, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) announces the latest technological breakthroughs and inventions by top companies around the world. Out of the hundreds of new electronics featured, a few of these reveals are sure to change the way you do business in 2018.

In case you missed out on the CES coverage, here is a quick rundown of innovations that will definitely be on your radar this year.


Aura Security

Physical security is constantly evolving, and Aura gives you the power to detect intruders without a camera or infrared sensors. You read the specs correctly! Aura uses your Wi-Fi network to create an invisible area of motion and detect disturbances, such as people entering or moving about in the space. When motion is detected, the system sends an alert to your phone, and if enabled, sounds a built-in alarm.

Aura offers a starter kit for $199, and its coverage extends across a 700 square-foot area. This system indicates the current direction security is taking and will shape the future of the way we view surveillance.


Samsung Notebook 9 Pen 

Do you currently use your laptop to sign documents? The Samsung Notebook 9 Pen is a sleek notebook computer that’s light as a feather (relatively speaking). This laptop is made from Metal 12, a new super light and amazingly strong magnesium alloy. The computer offers a system much like that of a Samsung convertible laptop combined with a Galaxy Note device – with a fancy stylus included!

The Samsung Notebook 9 Pen comes with the power of an Intel Core i7 processor and up to 16GB of RAM. You may have been struggling with tasks last year but signing documents, writing down your thoughts and taking care of daily business is a cinch in 2018.


Dell Mobile Connect

Are you missing calls? Dell just came out with a software that simplifies connectivity. You can now integrate your smartphones and tablets with your PC and accomplish more in one day. Simplify everyday tasks, such as checking messages and responding to inquiries by turning your computer into your digital dashboard. Checking all of your notifications in one place gives you a truly integrated solution that keeps you on task.

This Dell Mobile Connect software is included in new Dell computers and allows you to make calls, send texts and receive notifications while also giving you the ability to interact with your favorite mobile apps directly from your PC screen.



This mobile phone turns into your personal projector! Imagine pulling out a cell phone at your next meeting and using it to project your presentation or notes for a room full of people. That’s what you get with Moviphone, not to be confused with Movifone. This phone can be used with any wireless service provider and includes all the features of your current phone – and then some.

Moviphone works using a Wireless Mobi Solution (WMS) to offer a 50-lumen projector that supports 720p HD video streaming. It mirrors your device screen to project anything from YouTube and Netflix videos to PowerPoint presentations. Now you can use a 5.5-inch screen to display 100-inch projections wherever you go.


TiTAN AI Robot

Artificial intelligence is slowly making its way into our daily lives, and this particular robot recognizes your emotions and responds to how you’re feeling. It uses a combination of smart speaker and touchscreen to mimic the capabilities of Alexa or Google Home. But what separates TiTAN AI is the advanced facial and speech recognition features that adapt the way the robot will reply.

Not only does this robot come with the capabilities you need to make video calls, check surveillance, search the web, play music or control a smart home with voice commands, it also uses your personal preferences to make food, music and movie recommendations. TiTAN AI Robot also swivels with your movement and follows you throughout the room.

How do you innovate and keep up with the latest technology breakthroughs?

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