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8am-6pm, Monday-Friday

Emergency After-Hours Support:

281-7684800 – Press “5” to be directed to the on-call System Architect. When prompted, leave a voicemail to trigger the emergency response.

OMNIPOTECH Support Center

The team at OMNIPOTECH is ready and able to help you with whatever you need. But first, please help us to ensure your support request is made through the proper channels using the guide below so we can quickly address your needs.

Non-Emergency Support Requests

  1. Email the ticketing system at Please include a description of the issue you’re experiencing and screenshots if possible.
  2. Don’t forget to include your full name, company, company email address and all phone numbers where you can be reached. This information is essential, especial if you’re emailing us from a public address like,,, or any other free email service. Our ticketing system will accept emails from any address in the world, but we will not respond to the request if we can’t identify you.
  3. If your online system is unavailable, you don’t have Internet access to allow email, or the request is urgent, please call our helpdesk support line at 281-768-4800.

Emergency Support Requests

  1. Make your request using the same procedures as listed above.
  2. After submitting your email request for support, please follow up by calling us at 281-768-4800 to request escalation.
  3. If you are requesting emergency support or you called our office outside of our business hours, then press “5” to be directed to the on-call System Architect.
  4. When prompted, leave a voicemail to trigger the emergency response. Only by leaving a voicemail will the on-call engineer be notified of your call. Once your voicemail has been completed, a copy of your voicemail will be sent to the on-call engineer, plus all company System Architects. Our System Architects will be notified via text messages on their cell phones and email that an emergency support call has been logged. We will then logon to our system, listen to your voicemail and call you at the number you recorded in the voicemail to address the issue.

General Information About Support

  1. OMNIPOTECH will act upon any and all requests by any user.
  2. All OMNIPOTECH personnel assume you have the authority to make the request for support and you are aware of the rate schedule agreement between our respective organizations governing this request.
  3. Service is defined as any work performed on the client’s behalf regardless of location and includes email, internet, facsimile, terminal services, RDP, VNC, monitoring tools, or telephone.
  4. Work performed during any after-hours period, weekend period, or holiday period will be charged according to the rates associated with that period. By making a support request, you understand that these rates have been agreed upon prior to this request and will be applied accordingly.

Support Requests to a Specific Engineer

Please do not email your support request directly to the engineer. The engineer may not respond to your request if sent directly to him for a variety of reasons. During the time of your email request for support, the engineer may be on vacation, taking personal time off, traveling, assigned to a project, or assigned to an existing issue. For any number of reasons, the engineer may not be reading his email and if the request is only sent to one person, your request may not receive the attention it deserves. Therefore, please follow our guide for obtaining support.

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