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Managed IT Services in Houston

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Manage Risk Through Managed Infrastructure

Our mission is helping clients achieve greater success by leveraging technology as a bridge between effective people and efficient process while mitigating operational risk. We are realists. If major corporations with billion-dollar IT budgets can’t avoid service interruptions, then no managed service provider can realistically make this claim for their small business clients. We know that risk can never be fully eliminated, so we design unique IT infrastructure to fit your culture, processes and risk tolerance. We don’t have cookie-cutter solutions we apply to everyone with silver, gold and platinum service levels that force you into our predesigned service buckets. Instead, we customize every agreement. Tools used by managed service providers are commonplace and serve as the foundation of an overall strategy to identify and mitigate risks in a proactive and timely manner. We take the time to truly understand your business processes and culture before proposing any services to ensure that we are appropriately mitigating the risk important to you while supporting sustained levels of productivity all within your budget. Let’s have a conversation.

Server and Network Management

PC and Mac

Repair and Remediation

Migration and Deployment

Design and Installation

IT Support

If your technology doesn’t work consistently, then you can’t work consistently either.

Managed Services – How we help clients succeed


As your managed IT services provider, our primary goal is to help you achieve greater success by leveraging technology as a bridge between effective people and effective process. This makes your people more productive and your processes more efficient.

Everyone on our managed services team will work relentlessly to ensure you enjoy the most predictable, reliable, and secure infrastructure possible. Meanwhile, you can focus on your bottom line while our team of dedicated self-starters ensure the integrity of your managed IT services.

Your IT support requirements are unique, which is why we focus on fully customized managed services solutions custom tailored to your needs. There are no magic IT support formulas. We develop solutions first by listening, and then customizing a plan based on your company’s size and needs. This proven approach to managed IT services allows for surgical pricing and ensures you don’t pay for services you will never use.

Managed IT services from OMNIPOTECH

Business technology should be working for you, not the other way around. Managing your company’s IT doesn’t have to be complicated. By offering fully customized managed services plans to businesses of any size, the OMNIPOTECH team ensures you get the technology and support you need without paying for services you don’t need.

We proudly offer a complete line of managed services that allow your company the freedom to expand and grow. You will only pay for licenses you use, and total transparency keeps prices where they belong. With client’s all over the globe, it’s obvious that this approach gives clients exactly what they want.

Over time, we seek to nurture partnerships so that we can help your business grow. By focusing on your company’s efficiency, profitability, and security, you’re free to focus on your bottom line instead of technological concerns.


Managed services that benefit your company in countless ways

Managing business technology can be cumbersome, costly, and time consuming. A one-size-fits-all approach to managed services may seem like a solid option, but most businesses who choose this option are paying for countless services they never actually use. It makes far more sense to pinpoint the managed services you need and develop a solution based specifically on those needs.

This approach to manage IT services allows us to work with companies of any size. We can develop a long-term plan or handle a “one-off” job. The choice is yours.

As your company grows, managed services add value to your operations.


Just some of our managed services include:

  • Cloud hosting
  • On-premise network support
  • Helpdesk support
  • Server and network management and monitoring
  • Migration and deployment solutions
  • Network design and installation
  • Mac and PC support services
  • Repair and remediation services
  • Technology education
  • Strategic IT planning
  • Software and security updates 

By allowing our expert team to handle your managed IT services, you experience the following:

  • Increased Security – Threats from cyber criminals are at an all-time high. We ensure you are fully protected.
  • Increased Productivity – We handle your IT needs so your team can focus on their job and avoid costly down-time.
  • Surgical Pricing – You pay for the services you use. Just because you may go over your needs on occasion, there is no reason to always go all out.
  • Refined Focus – We ensure that technology is working for you. It should drive your bottom line. Consistent monitoring and detailed reports ensure you’re armed with the data you need to fully succeed.

If you’re ready to find out more about our unique approach to IT, contact us today.

Breaking down managed IT services

You shouldn’t have to work hard to make technology work for your business. Instead, technology should make your business run smoother and empower employees to become more productive. Let’s take a look at some of our managed services so that you better understand the finer details.

Cloud hosting allows your business to have some or all of its processing and storage of data located in a facility that has every level of redundancy available today.  Cloud hosting may be an option for the fail-over of on-premise servers. Cloud hosting reduces risks for decentralized organizations with more than one location, key employees working remotely, or the need to provide your customers with 24/7 access to data without being affected by Gulf Coast hurricanes or tropical storms.  However, cloud hosting is not the right solution for every company. In some instances, cloud hosting can add risk into a business process, so we seek to understand your business and ensure you have the correct solution for your goals, budget, risk tolerance, and organizational culture.

On-premise network support is a reality of providing IT services.  While it is possible to resolve that vast majority of IT problems remotely, we believe in having a presence with our clients.  The same human beings that staff our helpdesk also provide onsite support services ensuring you have people supporting your staff who “know you” and not just “know about you.”   Sure, we cannot be in every location around the world where our clients have employees. In those instances, where we need someone onsite in city where we are not located, we partner with a global, peer network to find a resource to be our hands-and-eyes when needed.

Helpdesk support is the backbone of providing IT support to your organization. We staff our team with highly-talented IT consultants who are both good communicators and empathetic.  We realized long ago that a three-low level helpdesk support people are nowhere equivalent in talent, communication and responsiveness as one high level engineer.  Low level support staff address symptoms where as our team of high level engineers address the actual cause of the problem.  We believe that nobody wants to call for support – it takes time – so our helpdesk is staffed with experienced staff that are skilled enough to build and maintain our global datacenter operations, yet humble enough to fix your printer.

Server and network management and monitoring is the central nervous system of all managed service providers. Every professional MSP has one of three remote management and monitoring tools, but having the tool doesn’t ensure your business gets the service it desires.  These tools are standard MSP equipment just as having a helmet doesn’t ensure your favorite team wins the Super Bowl.  Our systems proactively monitor and manage your systems alert us to issues and sometimes taking automated action to resolve the issue. This critical IT infrastructure keeps you up and running. In some instances, the tools cannot solve the problem, so the talent of our engineers is called upon to address the issue.  Any interruption of service disrupts your operations, which is detrimental to productivity and revenue. Downtime also erodes customer confidence and demoralizes your employees who are burdened with additional work to catch-up when systems are down.

Here is the issue: All computer and network systems eventually fail for one or more reasons. It’s a fact and anyone who tells you that they have 100% uptime across their client base is telling you what you want to hear. The way to minimize the impact to your operations is to plan for the inevitable. Our managed IT services experts manage network performance to anticipate issues before they become full-blown problems. If a failure occurs without warning, we respond quickly and decisively. This proactive management of your IT services ensures you’re always protected from potentially devastating downtime.

Migration and deployment services refers to moving data from one server, database, or email system to another. This is a complex process that can quickly become tedious, especially if there are differences in architecture, functionality, or workload management.

Our managed services professionals are well-equipped to handle these complex tasks, whether you’re hoping to bolster your security, open a new office, migrating to Office 365, or simply move data from one place to another. Your data is always safe because we have extensive migration and deployment experience.

Some migrations require an additional server or other hardware in order to ensure the migration is completed without unnecessary downtime.  Our office is stocked with servers, switches and other equipment specifically for this purpose or to help a client that has had an immediate system failure. We provide the loaner systems to our clients free of charge.

Network design and installation play a huge role in how your company grows and expands. Just like a building, the architect’s decisions have a lasting impact on the longevity, usefulness, and productivity of the space.  However, in the world of IT infrastructure, we must also plan for scale, inevitable failures and obsolesce. When it’s time to replace an existing network, design will have a tremendous influence on the longevity and functionality of the IT infrastructure.

We take a comprehensive approach to your network design, and every detail is centered around your budget, goals, risk tolerance and culture. By diving deep into the nature of your business, our managed service experts can then design an infrastructure that is reliable and consistent. Operating our own datacenter infrastructure for clients worldwide ensures we are abreast on industry advances allowing us to design best solutions for your enterprise even though the fundamentals of network architecture remain mostly consistent. We focus on getting the design right and not just right now.

Mac and PC support services encompass work stations that allow your workforce to remain efficient and productive. Still, no technology works perfectly 100% of the time, so our managed service teams ensures your computing environment runs smoothly. Best of all, we can help you with every phase of Mac and PC support, including:

  • Purchase
  • Setup
  • Delivery
  • User migration
  • Virus removal
  • System configuration
  • Malware and ransomware protection
  • Hard drive imaging
  • Updates and repair

Ongoing support ensures you have everything you need to maintain productivity.

Repair and remediation services ensure that you don’t experience major disruptions when things inevitably break. Disruptions cost money, and while some issues can be quickly resolved, others may require an office visit. When you contact our office, the employee who answers the phone is also a qualified engineer. We can come to your office and remedy the issue if it cannot be resolved remotely.

Our skilled technicians always seek to remedy the problem, not the symptom. This is how we prevent you from experiencing the same problems over and over again. We will also work around your schedule and can repair everything including Macs, PCs, printers, software, switches, and more. If the hardware is truly unrepairable, then we can assist you with free loaner equipment and help you acquire a replace device specific to your needs.

Managed IT Services that focus on your security

Cyber security concerns have become paramount as we rely more and more on technology. One security breach can cost you far more than you may realize. You could lose proprietary data, customer information, or be locked out of your IT infrastructure. Now more than ever, cyber security is essential.

Small business owners are not immune to cyber attack. In fact, more than half of all cyber attacks target small businesses. Most small business owners have little time to deal with the demands of maintaining effective cyber security, which is yet another advantage of working with an experienced managed services company.

The key to a secure IT infrastructure – Prevention, architecture and management

We focus on three key areas to ensure your data is safe. As threats evolve, this foundation for security always remains effective. Our cyber security experts use many different tools to maximize security and prevent breaches from becoming full-blown attacks.

Prevention is all about educating your workforce to identify the most common threats, like spoofing and phishing scams. The majority of cyber security breaches are avoidable because they are often caused by human error. Simply leaving a device in a car overnight can cause a serious breach of security that could cost your company a fortune.  Wiring money to a different account than usual for a trusted vendor without verifying the information received in an email by phone with your vendor is not an issue that any IT services can resolve.  We seek to educate your staff and help you to develop internal processes and protocols in handling out-of-the-ordinary, unusual, or overly urgent email messages that can significantly reduce risks.  Most companies spend more time and money planning their year-end holiday party than providing ongoing security training for their employees who are handling their most sensitive data and financial resources.

Security architecture is all about the layers used to prevent an attacker from gaining access to your data. Firewalls and two-factor identification are examples of highly effective security components, but no single security component will address every type of security threat or close every security vector. We work hard to understand your business and workflow so we can create better security architectures based on your unique needs.

Management involves monitoring and reporting. If your IT infrastructure is breached by a cyber-criminal, effective monitoring ensures the damage is minimized or localized. Reporting provides you with information that can be used to reinforce potential security weaknesses.

We handle every cyber security detail so that you can fully focus on your bottom line.

If you have any questions about our comprehensive approach to managed services, contact us today and speak with one of our engineers.

One partner from desktop to datacenter, who can manage and support it all—that’s OMNIPOTECH.

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