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Cloud Phone Solutions

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Today, a telephone plan is more than just a choice about cost. It’s a strategic business decision that can drive performance for the next several years. OMNIPOTECH works with you to discover which cloud phone solution is the best fit for your business – VoIP phone solutions or PBX solutions. Either way, we help you implement a phone system that increases the overall effectiveness of your organization and reduces costs in the long run.

Benefits of Cloud Phone Solutions

Easy conferencing
and collaboration

Smart forwarding for mobile
and remote workers

Integration with email, fax
and teleconferencing

Ongoing system monitoring
and support

Never miss a call to never miss an opportunity.

Cloud phone solutions from OMNIPOTECH – The basics

What exactly is a cloud phone system? It’s a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone system hosted in an off-site data center. Your personnel can access the cloud phone system via the Internet, which increases accessibility and productivity. One example of a cloud phone system is Cloud PBX (Private Branch Exchange), which is covered in more detail below.

Setting up an on-site phone system requires equipment and a place to put it. On-site phone systems also cost a lot of money. Cloud phone solutions make sense for many small-to-medium sized businesses because they cost less, are fully scalable, and provide a full suite of applications and features that drive success.

However, cloud phone solutions offer far more than mere cost savings. A telephone plan is a strategic businesses decision that can drive your company’s performance. At OMNIPOTECH, we help clients discover which cloud phone systems are best suited for their unique business needs. Lowering costs and increasing organizational effectiveness are always the primary goals.

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What are the benefits of cloud phone systems?


There are a number of key benefits that can be derived from implementing the right cloud phone solution. These include:

  • Simplified conferencing and collaboration
  • Integration with email, fax, and teleconferencing
  • Smart forwarding for mobile and remote workers
  • Ongoing system monitoring and support
  • High levels of redundancy

These are the basics, but let’s dive deeper into the subject so you can better ascertain how your business may benefit from a cloud phone solution.

Cloud phone systems are fully integrated – Cloud based phone solutions allow for seamless integration between communication and everyday applications. It’s plainly obvious how this enhances workflow and streamlines efficiency. Cloud based solutions allow your personnel to stay connected from just about anywhere and from any device. They are free to access email, videoconferencing, instant messaging, and any other useful application.

You have complete control over modes of communication – Cloud phone systems provide you with the luxury of choosing which features you need. At OMNIPOTECH, we further streamline this process by diving deep into the nature of your business to further refine the tools you require to maximize efficiency. We provide 100% of the features to all clients regardless of the size of their phone system, and new features are added automatically without additional cost.

Your company benefits from top-tier business features – Larger corporations use to have a distinct business advantage because they maintained highly useful network applications that smaller businesses couldn’t afford. Cloud based phone systems offer small-to-medium sized businesses these same features, creating an even business playing field and increasing customer satisfaction.

Cloud phone systems are easier to use and more accessible – Business success requires mobility. Users must be able to access applications while on the go. Cloud based phone systems allow your employees to log in from anywhere. Your best revenue, producing employees have the freedom they need to help you succeed.

You can scale your phone system up or down as required – As your company grows, cloud-based phone systems offer unrivaled scalability. Extensions can be added and removed, as needed, allowing you to only pay for what you actually use each month.

Your communications enjoy continuity – Sometimes situations arise that prevent employees from getting to your office. Weather, natural disasters, and other unexpected events could cause your workforce to become disconnected to your customers. Cloud phone solutions eliminate this possibility because your people have the tools they need to connect from anywhere.

Your customers enjoy better service – Tools like Virtual Receptionist (VR) allow businesses to seamlessly direct calls to individual departments or people and even generate customized greetings. You have the power to mention special promotions while customers are on hold and set up date-specific greetings ahead of time. This kind of specialized service makes you stand out from your competition.

You have the power to add capacity when necessary – You may experience increased call volume at certain times of the year. At OMNIPOTECH, we can address these issues so that you only pay for services you need when you need them. Why pay for a bulk package when you only need additional extensions six weeks out of the year? We believe that technology must work to bolster your bottom line, which is why we work with clients individually to generate fully customized IT solutions.

Save money – This is the bottom line, quite literally. Cloud based phone systems aren’t perfect for every business, but moving to the cloud is often less expensive than a traditional phone system. In some cases, increased efficiency that generates more profitability may be a motivating factor in making the change to cloud-based communications.

To find out if a cloud phone solution is right for your business, let’s have a conversation.

What is Cloud PBX?

Public Cloud Exchange (PBX) is the technology that allows telephone providers to route calls. Before the advent of cloud PBX, companies were forced to store large pieces of hardware on site. This was a costly endeavor, especially since they had to be manually operated, required specialized storage, and frequently broke down.

PBX technology is essential for companies with many employees and multiple phones. Moving to a new location or adding phone lines with a traditional PBX system was cumbersome and expensive. Cloud PBX changed all of this because it connects to the Internet eliminating the need for expensive onsite hardware.

You will need a VoIP telephone or VoIP software access the Cloud PBX. Any device capable of running the Cloud PBX software can access your company’s Cloud PBX. All users need is an Internet connection. Users are not only able to access the Cloud PBX but may communicate with one another via software.

The freedom that Cloud PBX generates cannot be overstated. For many business owners, Cloud PBX has become an indispensable tool that drives their bottom line. If you need to leave your office because of travel, or any other reason, you are always connected to your customers via the Cloud PBX. Increased mobility leads to streamlined efficiency.

At OMNIPOTECH, we are capable of managing and securing all of the data you require out of your Cloud PBX. We back up your PBX system including voicemails, call records, and all system settings, so it’s always protected from a system crash or any other unforeseen event. Contact us today and find out more about customized Cloud PBX solutions from one of our engineers. As always, our goal is help you get the most out of technology without paying for services and applications you don’t need.

Who benefits the most from our cloud phone solutions?

No business has an unlimited budget, and small-to-medium businesses must make each dollar count. Installing an on-site phone system and dealing with the IT costs associated with these systems is often cost prohibitive. Cloud phone systems are often the best solution under these circumstances because you don’t have to sacrifice connectivity to acknowledge budgetary constraints.

Even if you can afford a traditional on-site phone system, a cloud phone solution may still be the most sensible option. It’s possible that you would be better off allocating resources to some other business need rather than spend it on hardware you don’t really need.

Additionally, working with our team of IT experts removes the burden of phone system maintenance, troubleshooting, IT support, and other phone-related tasks that remove you from the daily rigors of running a successful business. For smaller companies with minimal staff, working with a proven IT support team, like OMNIPOTECH, is especially beneficial. The last thing you want as a business owner is to have your team distracted by phone issues that take them away from the needs of your customers.

Cloud phone systems reduce the cost of telephone lines needed to support your company

Since a cloud phone system centralizes your telecommunications, the number of phone lines your business needs are reduced. In a traditional phone system, you purchase phone lines to cover the call volume at each location and for conference calls ensuring you have extra lines available in each location.  With a cloud phone system, all the phone lines are centralized eliminating the extra lines for each location to save you money.  In addition, VoIP phone lines can be added to your cloud based phone system within 2-3 days or less ensuring you can immediately support any growth without paying for lines before you need them.

Multi-location businesses can use a common platform without long-distance

A cloud phone system allows your sites and remote employees to all communicate with one another internally without needing any additional phone lines, regardless of where they are located.  We have clients with employees around the world that can be reached by an internal extension without long-distance costs further reducing the number of phone lines the business needs to buy, which further reduces costs versus a traditional PBX.

We make sure your data is completely secure

One of the biggest criticisms of cloud phone systems is that they are somehow less secure than maintaining an internal system. When you look at the facts, the opposite is true. Most companies are focused entirely on their business. They have little time to stay abreast of cyber-crimes as they evolve. This leads to vulnerabilities that cyber criminals fully understand how to exploit.

Did you know that 60% of all cyber-attacks are against small businesses? This underscored their vulnerability to cyber-attack, but what is the solution?

At OMNIPOTECH, IT support is our livelihood. Protecting client data is paramount to our success and reputation. We take substantial measures to ensure our customer’s data is always protected. You can have complete trust in your cloud phone solution because we have the knowledge and experience required to ensure it’s entirely secure. If you have worries about cloud phone system security, let’s have a conversation.

Contact us today for more information about cloud phone solutions

Whether you’re a new enterprise or hoping to simplify your company’s workflow, contact us today and learn more about cloud based phone solutions. Technology should help your workforce perform better while driving your bottom line. Let’s have a conversation and figure out how to make technology work best for your business.

One partner from desktop to datacenter, who can manage and support it all—that’s OMNIPOTECH.

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