Mobile VoIP Apps for Your Phone (Part 2)

In Mobile VoIP Apps for Your Phone (Part 1), I have shared a few mobile VoIP apps. To be honest, there are still many suggested apps so I decided more of them on this blog post. Let’s start, shall we?

Here are some apps you might find useful:

  • netTALK apps

    • NetTALK provides various applications for your business. With the PBX app, you have an office extension and you can work from any location. With the TALK service, you can make international phone call. Lastly, with the Messaging app, you have access to an encrypted messenger. You can securely converse with people anywhere in the world.
    • Whether you prefer a residential phone to make free calls nationwide or want a premium solution for any business, offers a cloud-based solution for your needs.

    • Even though this VoIP app is famous among gamers, it doesn’t mean this is not a great contender. In fact, Teamspeak offers a military-grade encryption, meaning you can utilize it for anonymous usage. On top of that, Teamspeak vows to NOT share your data to 3rd parties.
    • Other than those mentioned above, you can host a group on your own private server. In this own private group, you can fully customize the interface. Under one group, you have the option to create sub-channels. If you’re curious, there’s an unlimited number of allowable sub-channels. Plus, direct messaging is supported.
    • It doesn’t end there because you can take Teamspeak with you anywhere you go. Simply download the mobile app on your Android phone or iOS phone. Other key features include: Individual Volume Control, Unlimited File Transfer, and Gamepad and Joystick Hotkey Support. For more information, visit

    • Like Teamspeak, Discord is a popular choice among the eSports community. However, it is not exclusively for the gaming industry. From organizing a party to group class about calligraphy, Discord is a versatile tool that caters to your needs.
    • If you want to start a gaming club, or start art class, you very well can on Discord. If you want to get in touch with your fans and create a tight-knight community of dedicated podcast listeners, you can with the help of Discord.
    • Whether you are using a desktop or a mobile phone, Discord is a cross-platform app that supports various operating systems. Download Discord for iOS devices or for Android devices.

Remember, this list is not an exhaustive one. There are still tons of VoIP apps out there waiting to be discovered. Other contenders like 3Cx, MizuDroid, and WhatsApp deserve to be mentioned. Even though Facebook has acquired WhatsApp and has gained immense popularity, it is still a useful app to when sending multimedia files across the globe.

Whether for personal or business use, I hope that I have shared a number of important and helpful apps to you. If ever you get too overwhelmed on what to choose, Omnipotech is here for you. We can help you with Cloud Phone Solutions and Telecom Business Solutions for your business to make  seamless calls with the use of the Internet.

Don’t fret because Omnipotech can give you the best advice that suits your business. To know more about IP telephony and other VoIP apps to use for business, please call 281-768-4800 or contact the Omnipotech Support Center now.

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