SEO Guide for Small Businesses (Part 3)

You have reached the last part on my SEO Guide for Small Businesses. For the finale, I will talk about the technical aspect of SEO, the local SEO, and the search algorithms. Let’s get into it, shall we?

The Technical SEO

Technical SEO, as the name suggests, refers to the technical side of things. The servers, the codes, and more affect the technical SEO of your website.

You will experience technical SEO as its strongest when you will be dealing with:

  • Website speed
  • Internal links
  • Structured data
  • Content duplications and other related problems

Remember, technical SEO is also a vast field in itself. So, there will be more than those listed above, such as the website type, the server the website is under, and other hosting issues. I won’t be dealing with those things since this is just a basic guide.

If you are unsure, leave the technical side to the professionals. Because if you do start poking around, you will do harm than good. So, ask an SEO expert regarding this point especially if you are uncertain about things.

The Local SEO

Next, I will focus my attention on the local SEO. This will deal about the local relevancy of your website.

You will have to turn your attention to local search. Your links should not focus on the nationwide scope. Instead, you will need to emphasize on your location. For instance, your small boba shop will do good if you focus on local presence rather than competing against bigger brands.

This does not mean that you will blast your city with various milk tea content. You need to focus on the following:

  • Adding a Google Map on your website so people can easily locate your milk tea place
  • Completing your Google My Business and verifying your account. It also helps if you add these details on the Contact Us section.
  • Doing the same for Bing Places for Business. Remember, Google is not the only search engine out there.
  • Adding your NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) to various business listings and directories.

Instead of widening your scope, put more effort on promoting and giving your NAP on smaller websites and local newspapers. I am NOT saying that you should reject bigger opportunities, but you should not ignore small attainable goals. You should never be afraid to start small!

The Search Algorithms

Search engines, including Google, are reliant on search algorithms. On 26 October 2015,  Google officially added a machine learning-based search engine algorithm, which was called RankBrain.

This will help the search engines have the ability to interpret and decode content like a human would. Machines will learn from humans on understanding the context behind the search. Ultimately, this will help the search algorithms rank search result like any human mind would.

With machine learning and AI in place, search engines can have a better knowledge on what to rank up and what to rank down. As time would progress, tailored search results for each searcher would not be an impossible idea.

Again, this is NOT an exhaustive SEO guide. Managing the technical needs of your growing business can be too overwhelming. This is where Omnipotech can help you! Contact the Omnipotech Support Center now and we will guide you with the many solutions we offer such as Managed I.T. Services, Cloud Computing, and many more.

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