Accessing the Many Mobile VoIP Options

As I have mentioned on How Does Mobile VoIP Work, any phone can work just as long as there is a mobile VoIP app installed in it. For sure, you are familiar with these VoIP apps, but you didn’t know they classified under this category. Some of these mobile VoIP apps are something you may have been using already, namely Skype, Vyke, and Viber.

Some mobile services, like Truphone, combine the features of your usual mobile SIM card and a mobile VoIP app. However, most VoIP apps out there add to your current data plan.

Mobile VoIP Service Providers

Regardless of what operating system you have for you phone, there are mobile VoIP providers that cater to your needs. Whether your phone runs on iOS or Android, these providers can help you make inexpensive calls using the Internet.

  • Altotelecom – You can buy your VoIP phone like the Cisco IP Phone, and make VoIP business calls anywhere.
  • Switch2VoIP – Make affordable calls to the United States, Canada and practically anywhere around the world for only under 1 cent per minute.

Mobile VoIP Apps

You can easily transform your mobile phone into a VoIP phone using various apps out there. With a smartphone, you can easily use a mobile VoIP app for video conferences.

Most of the VoIP apps are available for download on the Google Play Store, App Store, and other app vendors. Others may charge for a fee, but usually, this is just a one-time fee. See my post on: Mobile VoIP apps for iOS Users and Mobile VoIP apps for Android Users. It’s better to check the sites of these mobile apps to make sure that your  mobile phone’s operating system (OS) is supported.

Lastly, read the terms and condition to make sure that you are using the ‘free calling’ feature and not your mobile data plan. Some mobile VoIP apps like Skype and Viber support  regular phone calls, but of course, the usual rates will apply. More on this: Mobile VoIP Apps for Your Phone

Mobile VoIP Extensions

VoIP service providers provide extensions to ensure a wider coverage for their customers. These services are offered in conjunction with their regular or business plan, such as 3CX8×8Vonage, NextivaRingCentral and many other services.

So, calling from the comfort of your home is tantamount to unlimited calling to any VoIP phone. With a VoIP softphone app, customers can enjoy low rates anywhere they go without going over their mobile calling plan.

Disclaimer: I am NOT in any way endorsing these apps mentioned on this page. Moreover, I am merely showing you the many options out there when you are considering mobile VoIP. If plan to expand your business, then VoIP is a perfect fit.

It is really meant to unify people despite geographic locations. Remote employees don’t need to go to the same office every single day. By using VoIP phones, team collaboration can easily happen. That is why Omnipotech is here. We aim to provide Cloud Phone Solutions and Telecom Business Solutions.

To know more about our service, please contact us through the Omnipotech Support Center or call the hotline 281-768-4800.


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