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Knowing VOIP and how it works

In today’s world, businesses are using one or even multiple telephone numbers. As telecommunications advances, telephone services should keep up with it. The modern era produces different types of voice service options, but some are still using the ordinary or the traditional telephone line. Aside from VoIP and the ordinary telephone line, there is still […]

6 Tips on how to prevent data loss in Microsoft 365

The cost and danger of data loss differ highly depending on how big the company is and in the industry they belong to. According to IBM, the average data breach damage reaches as high as $3.92 million. Not to mention the number of irate and unhappy customers and tainted business reputation that we can take […]

The Cost of a Data Breach

Safeguarding your company against possible data breach is becoming a rapidly growing issue. In 2019, an average data breach would amount $3.92 million. This study was from the “Cost of a Data Breach Report” done by Ponemon Institute in partnership with IBM Security. As protection becomes very vital in cybersecurity, the chances of experiencing a […]

Tools in Backing Up Your WordPress Website

Today, I will talk about the importance of having a WordPress backup and restore. Should something goes wrong, getting your site back up and operating again does not only take a lot of time, it has likewise its dollar equivalent. The easiest way of repairing any concerns and to have it going again is to […]

What are Firmware Attacks and How to Prevent It

So, today, I will continue by discussing the firmware dangers that your business is facing. In Understanding the Basics of Firmware, I talked about firmware and the possible dangers of firmware vulnerabilities. Failure in the security of firmware is like welcoming the dangers of the following: Surveillance on your operations Extraction of your information Controlling your […]

Understanding the Basics of Firmware

In 2022, it is expected that the companies with NO upgraded firmware plans will most likely be breached because of outdated firmware. Firmware hacks are not in the same league as trojans, worms, or ransomware, but that does not make them less dangerous. It has the ability to evade the normal antivirus software. The problem […]

4 Cloud Computing Threats to Avoid

Based on DivvyCloud.com’s report, the data breaches that happened in 2019 meant companies lost roughly $3.18 trillion. Companies need to learn how to safeguard their business. The result of COVID-19 pandemic has, indeed, affected world economy and the way we go about our lives. Below, I have enumerated 4 cloud security threats and some tips […]

Precautionary Measures Against Identity Theft

Just because you feel as if you have nothing to hide does not mean that you should just ignore privacy and security. You may think that privacy only applies to an individual, but society, as a whole, needs privacy. There is what you call collective privacy. However, with the help of the Internet, we are […]

Tips in Maintaining Privacy and Security

Computers and tech devices may have been a regular part of our daily lives. However, many people still don’t understand the repercussions of these technologies. As discussed in Knowing the Difference Between Privacy and Security, most people even think these terms are, more or less, the same… but they aren’t! To be honest, computers can be […]

Knowing the Difference Between Privacy and Security

Privacy and security tend to be interchangeable these days. However,  these two days are totally different from each other. They may be related to one another, but it is best to have them both to ensure optimal cybersecurity. What’s the difference? You may ask, how do you tell them apart? Well, I will discuss how […]

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