Mobile Security Threats that You NEED to Know About (Part 1)

According to Symantec’s 2018 Internet Security Threat Report, the different mobile malware types increased by 54% from 2016 to 2017. Yes, in one year, it doubled.

Wait, there’s more.

Once a mobile malware gets into your phone, the other devices connected to your phone might be the next target. In a series of connected devices, the capacity of your online security will be only as good as your weakest link. So, malware can easily spread from a phone to a tablet and then to another device through the network.

In this blog post, I will list the rampant mobile security threats lurking around.

1. Madware and Spyware

First, you have to be careful about madware; since this article focuses on mobile threats, we aren’t dealing with the typical adware here.

Mobile adware (madware) is a program installed on your phone, usually done without your permission.

What does it do? A madware acquires your data for ad purposes. This way, companies can accurate target you with ads that are accordant with your own interests and hobbies.

It does not end there. Once there are madwares to target you with ads, it comes with a spyware. A spyware, like the name suggests, spies you. It will study on how you use the internet, collects all these information, and then, sends it to a third party.

Generally, companies buy this data of yours and they use these data for better ad targeting. Companies show you ads, you click, they spy, send you more ads, you click again, and so on. The cycle continues!

To be honest, the ads you see are the least of your concerns. When it comes to spyware, the alarming part is that your personal information collected. This means that your location, your internet usage, and your mobile contacts are all compromised. So, you see, it’s not just you exposed to mobile threats, but also every contact listed on your phone.

2. Drive-by Downloads

Drive-by downloads are those malwares installed on your mobile without any permission. This could happen when access the wrong website or open a malicious email. Then, without you knowing, a drive-by download will install something on your mobile device.

What will it do? The file it will install could be anything. That’s the danger of it! Perhaps, a madwaremalware or spyware. It could even be a bot that could potentially use your phone to do nasty things!

More will be discussed on Mobile Security Threats that You NEED to Know About (Part 2)

Time to take action!

Cybersecurity is important and you should not take it lightly. For a business establishments, the stakes are higher.

It’s a domino effect; once you are compromised, your clients will be as well. Third party companies could get a hold of your business transactions, banking information, and even the details of your clients.

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