The Thing About Mobile Ransomware

Mobile ransomware is a malware cybercriminals use in order to acquire sensitive information from your mobile device. These criminals could keep your phone or any device locked until a payment is sent. Hence, if you do not heed to their demands, your data may not be returned to you.

Often times, users are deceived into downloading a seemingly harmless mobile app. However, it turns out to be a ransomware. Data will only be decrypted or accessible once the ransom has been paid!

5 Tips to Prevent a Ransomware from Entering Your Mobile Devices

Below, I have listed a few things to remember in order to avoid ransomware attacks.

  1. Stay informed about the latest threats

Like any malware, ransomware constantly changes so you have to keep yourself informed about the latest news. Cybercriminals are known to use variants of previously known malware. In 2017, the EternalBlue exploit kit was used to spread the ransomware WannaCry, and then, eventually, the same kit was also used to spread the ransomware Petya.

Hence, it is important to understand how a malware works and how it develops. Even after a year after the infamous WannaCry attack, it continues to haunt the online world as biggest cybersecurity incident yet.

  1. Keep your devices up-to-date.

Ransomware can enter your mobile device through drive-by downloads. This happens when you accidently click malicious links. Then, you could land on suspicious websites unknowingly. In order to combat this, keep your mobile apps and operating systems use the latest stable version.

  1. Be careful of installing apps

Whether it is fake or not, apps can be a source of malware. Often times, security breach happens when you download apps and programs from unverified sources. Before you download one, make sure it is from App Store or Google Play. Avoid downloading from third-party sources.

  1. Get into the habit of backing up your files.

Don’t just depend on online storage, and back up your important files on an external hard drive. Regularly storing your files on another place is a good practice. By doing so, the backup can come in handy when you lose or damage the original source.

  1. Use a dependable mobile security app

Protect your data through the use of a far-reaching security solution, and make sure this app is from the official vendor.

The POWER is in our hands!

In this technological world, it’s hard to avoid the digital realm. The internet and its services are embedded in us. We shop, we play, and we practically do everything online. Thus, there are also many security threats that pose as a harm to our privacy.

Cybercriminals can use our own personal data as a hostage, and they will use it as a leverage to extort and blackmail us. These criminals will not hesitate to hold important data or phones hostage until the payment has been made. So, do not wait for an attack to happen. Protect yourself through the tips listed above.

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