What Should Business Do with Old Computers?

A fact of business is that old computers will eventually need replacing. However, in the process of procuring new hardware, many businesses question what should happen to their old computers? While it’s easy to dispose of them in the trash, business owners have to be responsible when disposing of their electronic waste, especially if they contain sensitive customer information.

Instead of letting your old computers get covered in cobwebs in your storage room, you should consider the following options:

Sell it for a discounted price

If you can’t find any use for your old computers, you can sell them. You can post your old computers online to attract buyers. In fact, you might discover that your old tech might be worth more than you think. So before you put a price on it, take a look at what similar equipment is selling for.

A simple eBay listing can turn your old tech into money. You can use it to fund new gadgets so you won’t shell out a lot for your new purchases.

Keep it as backups 

If you have a growing business, it’s best to keep your old computers as backups for the meantime. You can use it as backups if your new tech experiences glitches. However, make sure that you keep your old computer updated and dusted so that it can be used on the spot.

Keeping your old computers intact is ideal, so you’ll see how new gadgets will fare in the workplace. You might be surprised that a high-tech computer may hinder productivity due to the steep learning curve.

Consider donating it

Instead of throwing your old computers away, you can donate them to schools, public libraries, and organizations that need them. Aside from doing our landfills a big favor, you’re also helping other people. You may even be able to earn a few tax credits along the way.

But before you donate your tech, make sure that you have wiped it of all data. You wouldn’t want an accidental data breach.

Trade it with your IT provider

If you can’t find an interested buyer and donating doesn’t seem to be a practical choice, try to look for a trader who’s interested in your tech. You can also enlist the help of your IT provider as they can accommodate a trade or a discounted price for your old computers.

Some can trade for a different product so that they can refurbish your old computers with replacement parts.

Some words of caution 

Before you dispose of your old computers, make sure that you have wiped it clean.

If you’re not skilled at removing data from old computers, ask an IT expert or your IT provider to scrub your equipment for you. They will be able to wipe the hard drive completely and make sure none of your data remains on the computer. Do the same due diligence even if you’re donating the computers to charity. You never know who might pick them up.


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