What are Firmware Attacks and How to Prevent It

So, today, I will continue by discussing the firmware dangers that your business is facing. In Understanding the Basics of Firmware, I talked about firmware and the possible dangers of firmware vulnerabilities.

Failure in the security of firmware is like welcoming the dangers of the following:

  • Surveillance on your operations
  • Extraction of your information
  • Controlling your device from a distance
  • Robbing your identity

The reason why firmware is such a simple target is because corrupting it is effortless. No matter what the hacker’s goal is, you should try to prevent them accessing your device.

How to Apply a Strong Security?

Before I even go to a few suggestions, just remember that the protection of the firmware is actually entrusted to those who created the hardware. This will only serve as an additional layer because it is anticipated that in 2021 the cost of the breaches is $6 trillion.

A lot of the current firmware sensitivities are continuously being discovered on every single electronic gadgets such as PCs and printers.

Upgrade Your Firmware

Manufacturers are providing up-to-date updates once they have uncovered weaknesses. Once new updates are in place, this guarantees that the firmware is working fine. Just continue to be on the look out for new updates. Install current versions as frequently as you possibly can. This will eradicate pathways for attack and will allow your hardware to work efficiently.

Never Use Unreliable USBs 

It is handy, yes, but if the hacker uses it, you are in a dangerous situation. The hacker can put malware on the firmware of your gadget. An example is BadUSB, which is a kind of malware that can worm into the firmware. Once you put into the USB port, the malware goes into your unsuspecting computer.

What is terrible about BadUSB is that it is hard to discover and more difficult to take off. The worst part is that there is no immediate fix to secure your device. Remember that the only assurance that it will not happen to your computer is to utilize only your own USB and not someone else’s.

Purchase Built-in Firmware Secured Hardware

Get a hardware that has modern firmware protection. BIOS manufacturers, and other tech companies, are updating their security procedures because of the rising firmware problems.

 What Is the Future of Firmware Security?

The security of firmware will depend on the developers, hardware companies, and the firmware researchers.

As soon as fresh vulnerabilities are known, more current patches and updates will be available to address the problem of the product. What you can do are:

  • Buying electronics that has an additional firmware security.
  • Vigilance in updating the new machines whether it’s your computer or your car.
  • Never plugging USB devices that is not yours.

Be ahead of the rest as cybersecurity is the answer to the safety of your devices. Never under estimate firmware assault. They can eventually give you such huge problems that will impact your business. As the saying goes, “prevention is better than cure.”

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