Understanding the Basics of Firmware

In 2022, it is expected that the companies with NO upgraded firmware plans will most likely be breached because of outdated firmware.

Firmware hacks are not in the same league as trojans, worms, or ransomware, but that does not make them less dangerous. It has the ability to evade the normal antivirus software.

The problem with firmware is that the security is not as strong as it should be, specifically in the fundamental input/output systems (BIOSes) of most gadgets. A report showed that a lot of BIOSes partly has the same code as the others. In another study, researchers uncovered weaknesses of 80% in the PCs. Known brands like HP and Dell are affected with this vulnerabilty.

Yet in another study, 73% of those who participated who did not secure their firmware said that they have a high rate of unidentified malware breaches and are inconceivable to find and counteract.

Now it is clear, firmware hacks are detrimental to the businesses. Now, what are the dangers that are affiliated related to this kind of threat? What can you do to safeguard your business against it?

What is Firmware?

It is the very center of your hardware. It is a basic software that is embedded in each piece of the hardware on your PC. Its job is to communicate with installed software to make sure that the hardware can perform the tasks properly.

Know the Danger

Weaknesses of the firmware gives way for malicious actors to enter the systems and you wouldn’t it happening. The reason for this is because firmware hacking imperils a device before you even start it up.

The moment the rogue code discovers  a swift course through the system, it can do the following:

  • alter and damage the firmware
  • target the operating system
  • penetrate software and many more

An ordinary BIOS and UEFI system are common places of attack. There are various forms to hack the firmware like bootkits, malware, and rootkits are known delivery vectors. You have to be conscious about corrupted drives, infected USBs, and terrible firmware goods.

There is no need for the hacker to be present because this can be accomplished from a distance by the help of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi or other types of network connection. Today, we easily link to televisions, phones, game consoles to the online world. In which case, there is now a high probability of firmware attacks.

The Weaknesses on the Firmware Can Damage Anything

You might think this doesn’t concern me because I don’t use a computer often. With the technology these days, the new vehicles has Wi-fi and Bluetooth. And in no time, everything — including your car — will become an loT device in itself. Vehicles will be smarter and more efficient. This means that the operational updates will given over the air.

Because of this, hackers might take advantage of technological changes. Anticipate that these people will mount on or attached to the OTA software, and yes, that could definitely control your vehicle.

So, what you can you do to protect yourself? Read more on What are Firmware Attacks and How to Prevent It.

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