Why your data backups should be stored in the cloud

If you’ve been in business for any length of time, you know that it’s essential to have more than one copy of all of your most important data. Disaster can strike at any moment and even seemingly small issues can wipe out customer data, financial records and other important pieces of information.

Having copies of your important data is one thing; storing those copies correctly is another. We’ve had experience with dozens of companies who store their backups on hard drives, disks and other physical, outdated solutions. While these backups do give companies another layer of support, they are not as safe and secure as some businesses believe.


Rather than relying on more physical copies of your data, you need to be storing backups in the cloud. Here’s why…


Your backups are saved automatically in the cloud

When you are using physical backup devices like hard drives, you need to do the work to back them up. That means remembering to back up your data then taking action. That’s not all the work you’ll have to do, however. You may also need to clear out old backups to make room on your devices for new backups.

This doesn’t happen with the cloud. All backups are created automatically without you having to lift a finger. Whatever happens, you’ll have copies of your latest files at your fingertips.


Files are encrypted

When you store backups on hard drives and other external physical systems, there’s very little to stop someone from accessing those files if they can get their hands on the device. All thieves need to do is to get hold of your hard drive to take all of your confidential files. That puts your data and your customers’ data at risk.


Backups stored in the cloud are automatically encrypted during transfer and while stored on a server. That makes it much harder for hackers to access your files and steal company data.


Cloud storage is more secure

Encryption makes cloud storage instantly more secure than the hard drives you store in the closet. But the facility where that information is stored is also going to be much more secure than your office. That’s because cloud server centers are big business and typically come with dedicated security staff and emergency recovery solutions.


If something happens to your office, your backups could be destroyed or stolen. Data stored in the cloud is much safer from theft and destruction


Cloud backups are cheaper

Cloud backups aren’t just safer, more secure and easier to maintain, they are also significantly cheaper than physical backups. Plus, you only pay for what you use. So while you have to buy an entire hard drive even if you only use a fraction of the storage, you only have to pay for the cloud storage you use. If you want to stretch your IT budget as far as possible while getting the very best protection, cloud storage backups are a no-brainer.


If you’re interested in cloud storage, we can help you get started today. We’ll help you better protect your data, make backups more straightforward and save you money. Get in touch today to find out how.

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