How to Review Your IT Needs in the New Year

The New Year is always a great time for business owners to assess their IT needs. It’s the period where they upgrade, revamp, or realign their IT resources. The process can be daunting, but with the help of experts, business owners can successfully review their IT needs.

Assessing the IT budget

The New Year marks budget planning or budget release time for many businesses. Unknowledgeable business owners often complain of unexpected costs. This is the same reason they fail to come up with a specific IT budget plan.

At the start of the year, you can enlist the help of an IT provider to advise you about budgeting. Getting the perspective of an expert will give you a better idea of exactly what your business needs IT-wise.

You should always be realistic with your IT budget. Cutting costs will not do any good, especially for a growing business. Successful businesses allot a large chunk of the budget on IT expenses.

Conduct a complete audit

A New Year audit is a great way to spot redundant systems. First, set the audit scope and mobilize your department supervisors. Your IT provider can handle this process to limit the impact of the audit on your operation.

After conducting the audit, determine what devices or systems you need to update. Also, your IT provider can advise which IT resource has to go.

Don’t just look at the number of devices; pinpoint the inefficiencies that may hamper your productivity. Are your computers loading slowly? Do you need to add specific hardware to boost your employees’ performance?

Beef up your backup plan

Once you’re done checking your hardware, you should audit your backups as well. Your backups should be working automatically and sync to your local networks.

Check how financial and customer information backs up. These should have layers of protection to guard against a potential breach.

Ask your IT provider to provide a backup plan that can keep up with the growing needs of your business. You should also have a plan in place if your hardware backups fail or get damaged.

Personalize your business’ IT

There’s no one-size-fits-all in the IT industry. You should always customize your system to suit your operation and the industry you’re in. A managed IT provider will help you through the process. This involves procuring the necessary hardware, setting up your system, training your staff, and 24/7 monitoring.

Determining the gaps in your current system is the key to customizing your IT. Paired with the advice of an IT expert, your business will have a system that works.

Remember that an IT plan will only work if both the provider and the business owner are involved in the process. As much as your IT provider can run your system without management, you should always know what’s happening with your business.


As a new year starts, business owners should utilize the first days in planning their IT infrastructure. Before everyone goes back to work, you have to ensure that the workplace is ready for another year of operation.

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