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Why You Need To Outsource IT For Server Maintenance

Servers are integral to the performance of business activities. They store every bit of data your company needs and allow employees from different sectors to seamlessly access them. It goes without saying that servers are the hardest workers in your company. The least you can do is look after them. But with so many things […]

What’s the Best Type of Computer Network For Small Businesses?

Creating a computer network for your business is going to be different from a home network. The process is usually more complex and requires high-level security. It would be best to leave it in the hands of IT specialists. However, this doesn’t mean you won’t have to put any work into it. Small business owners […]

What To Look For From A Private Cloud Solution

A private cloud can give you the same benefits as public cloud, plus a few extra perks. It offers the same level of flexibility, ease of use, scalability, and fast setup. And yet it also allows better control, security, and management features than a public cloud. You can’t deny the advantages of a private cloud. […]

What Is The Cloud And Why Does It Matter?

Cloud has become the go-to of businesses for data management. From data storage to processing, the cloud is now an indispensable solution for companies of all sizes. According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), global business investment on public cloud was estimated at $160 billion in 2018. Numbers are still expected to grow by 22 […]

What Business Owners Need To Know About Ransomware

Ransomware attacks are predicted to occur at least once every 40 seconds this 2019. It’s expected to cost industries $11.5 billion in the same year. Just recently, Jackson County, GA was infiltrated by a ransomware infection that cost them $400,000 while Orange County, NC experienced its third ransomware attack in six years. Ransomware infection is […]

What Business Owners Need To Know About Firewalls

62 percent of small to mid-sized businesses either have outdated security strategies or nothing at all. Based on this report by Cisco and the National Center for the Middle Market, it’s clear that many business owners know little about data security. And therein lies the problem. When you risk the safety of your data, you’re […]

Onsite VS Remote IT Support: Why You Need Both

It’s no longer a question of whether you should get IT services or not. Many businesses already know they need the help professionals. More businesses are also starting to realize the value of having tech support. The question that you should be really asking is which type of IT support is ideal for you? Now […]

Is Office 365 Perfect For My Business?

Office 365 is a subscription-based service from Microsoft. It provides solutions for an extensive variety of users, from startups to large enterprises. However, this begs the question of whether your business really needs it. To answer this query, we need to understand what Office 365 is and how your company can make use of its […]

How Small Businesses Can Use Virtual Machines

Large enterprises are no stranger to virtual machinery, though it’s still unknown to smaller businesses. Perhaps it’s because they don’t know what it is, why they need it, and how they can use it. Indeed, small business owners have yet to discover the potential of this technology. But that’s what we’re here for! By the […]

Does Your Business Have A Disaster Recovery Plan?

The digitalization of data sparked a revolutionary business environment which continues to evolve. However, businesses are also more vulnerable now that everything is accessible online. The risk of losing your precious data has never been greater. Apart from taking security measures to prevent data loss, businesses are also advised to have a disaster recovery plan. […]

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