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What You Need to Know About Mobile Device Security

Smartphones are becoming just as powerful as the average laptop and desktop computer. As such, more companies are now integrating these devices into their roster of workplace tools, often as handier and far more affordable alternatives or accessories to computers – depending on what the situation calls for. However, people tend to assume that smartphones […]

Signs Your Business Needs to Outsource IT Support

In recent years, information technology has become the cornerstone of many businesses. You’ll rarely find a company that doesn’t have some kind of IT support. While an in-house team may be fine for a startup business, it becomes quite problematic once it expands. Unfortunately, some businesses simply don’t know when it’s time to outsource their […]

Reduce Internal Weaknesses To Minimize Risk Of Data Breaches

The moment you integrate technology into your business, you’ll be under the constant threat of cyber attacks. Vulnerabilities can make you an even more attractive target for hackers who are after one thing – your precious data. Losing data can result in huge setbacks or shut down your business if it’s really bad. As such, […]

Questions You Should Ask Before Buying Business Software

Any business that utilizes technology will require software one way or another. It’s an indispensable asset that allows for more efficient and effective operations, which help to facilitate a company’s growth. Depending on the software, its features, and its capabilities, each has a unique way of providing business solutions. Some of them can be useful […]

Putting IT Support Out To Tender? Here’s What You Need to Know

In a world where businesses rely on computers, an IT infrastructure that you can stake your business on is a must if you expect to make it big. Unfortunately, most in-house IT solutions can be very pricy and difficult to manage. IT support isn’t something you can simply opt out of. And finding the right […]

Is Your Firewall Damaging Your Business?

Businesses are struggling to maintain a secure IT infrastructure. Threats to cybersecurity are continuously on the rise and becoming more complex. Cybercriminals are always coming up of new ways to take advantage of security holes. The challenge of securing an IT network is more apparent for growing companies. Their increasing dependence on technology demands the […]

How To Seamlessly Handover Outsourced IT Support

Outsourcing your IT needs doesn’t guarantee that you’d be satisfied with the outcome. It can be disappointing at times, especially when you realize too late that you’ve made a wrong choice. By then, you would have already wasted hundreds to thousands of dollars on lackluster services. Thankfully, you can still cut back on your losses […]

How To Choose The Right Cloud Options For Your Business

The cloud has become popular in recent years and is currently the preferred solution for secured data storage and reliable computing power. There are several reasons why companies are shifting from traditional servers to the virtual cloud. These include better accessibility, security, management, and storage capacity – all for a lower cost. Cloud services have […]

Everything You Need To Know About An IT Audit

If you want a shot at success, you’ll have to incorporate newer technologies into your business and back them up with enough IT support. Having adequate support helps ensure that everything is running as smoothly and efficiently as possible so that you can leverage the acquired technology to your advantage. But how can you tell […]

Does Your Business Need A New Server?

Today’s businesses are increasingly dependent on technology. And any enterprise that relies heavily on tech will likely have a server. But whether it’s up to par with the latest standards is often questionable. Many companies continue to operate on an old server without even knowing it, or without realizing its adverse effects on their scalability. […]

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