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Why You Shouldn’t Rely on an IT Guy Anymore

Many small businesses have that IT guy whom they entrust their entire cybersecurity efforts. In the advent of technology, that IT guy who drops by each cubicle to check their co-worker’s computer is an outdated concept. Nowadays, even small firms need a solid IT team to guard and maintain their networks. Understandably, not all small […]

Why Staffing IT Can Lead to Business Growth

Staffing challenges will surface as your business grows. It’s one of those “growing pains” that you’d have to deal with to expand your business. IT staffing, for one, is a common struggle among small firms. Most small businesses don’t realize the value of IT staffing and the number of people it should consist of. Here, […]

Why Even Small Businesses Need a Cybersecurity Team

According to the cybersecurity team Symantec, hackers are now shifting to small firms since they are easy pickings compared to blue-chip companies. With this, small businesses can’t be sitting ducks when hackers decided to invade their system, more so their payment portals. Hackers lurk on the web. You’ll never know when your business will be […]

What DNS Filtering Means for Your Business

As cyber threats continue, DNS filtering is no longer just an optional layer of security. Many businesses are falling prey to phishing websites and sit vulnerable to attacks. Companies must continue to use all security measures available at their disposal. Instead of settling for a single layer of protection, IT teams should now integrate a […]

Should You Buy, Rent, or Lease Servers?

For small to medium businesses (SMBs), it can be challenging to deal with the demands of technology. Since it’s almost a must to update with the latest equipment and facility, it might be challenging to decide whether to buy, rent, or lease it. There are a lot of factors to take into account here. The […]

6 Physical Security Measures You Should Take Immediately

Hackers are notoriously targeting small and medium-sized businesses. But contrary to the common notion that it’s an outside attack, you’ll be surprised that some breaches happen as inside jobs. It can be a deliberate attack initiated by an unhappy employee or a cybersecurity lapse that triggered an outside threat. Whatever the cause is, you need […]

How You Can Use AI in Your Business

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer just the thing of large enterprises. Over the years, it has become more accessible to small and medium-sized businesses. With automation taking on every industry, AI systems can make work easier while saving a lot of money. The price drop in AI technologies paved the way for SMBs to […]

How You Can Stop Phishing

Your inbox is every hacker’s gateway to your bank account, social security information, taxes, and more confidential information. With the increasing phishing attacks on small and medium-sized businesses, you need to get your guard up. You have to stop phishing before it wreaks havoc on your business.   What is phishing? Phishing is a fraudulent […]

How to Prevent Fraud in Your Small Business

According to a 2016 report of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, organizations with no more than 100 employees have a median fraud loss of $150,000. For small businesses, such an amount is a big dent on their revenue. This means that even small companies should not be complacent about possible fraud. Before you panic, […]

How to Make Your Employees More Cyber-Aware

When it comes to cybersecurity, it’s not just the technology that can make or break the process. It’s also the people involved in your organization. Aside from maintaining a reliable IT team, you also have to promote a cyber-aware workplace. It starts by educating and training your employees. Since nearly half of cyberattacks are being […]

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