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Why Outsourcing Your IT Makes Sense

Many small businesses tend to rely on their IT guy as they cut corners on their IT department. As much as they can save a small amount, it would be detrimental for their business in the long run. An IT team with no solid backbone are sitting ducks waiting to be targeted by stealthy hackers. […]

What are the Security Threats that Small Businesses Face?

According to Verizon, about 60% of data breach victims are small businesses or those with fewer than 1,000 employees. Contrary to the common notion, hackers are now honing in on small businesses due to their vulnerable nature. They are the low-hanging fruit and easy pickings for hackers. As SMBs become the target of cyberattacks, you […]

Security Risks Associated with Shadow IT

Shadow IT refers to both hardware and software within your company that your IT department did not approve. It’s usually a negative term since IT departments don’t even know that the employees are using such products.  Shadow IT also raises security issues within the company due to its unregulated and vulnerable nature. Why employees resort […]

IT Security Services Your Business Needs

No one is invincible when it comes to cyber threats. Even small businesses can be the next target of hacking. Because of this, you have to reinforce your IT to ensure that intruders will have to pass through security layers before getting a hand on your system. For this, you should take note of the […]

How your Business Benefits from a Cybersecurity Plan

Aside from the physical security of your workplace, cybersecurity is also a crucial priority that your business should invest in. In today’s world,   protecting your work from burglars is no longer enough. One of your biggest enemies now is hackers who will try to infiltrate your system and steal confidential information. You should have […]

How to Reduce Management with a Managed Service Provider

If you have a small business, relying on your IT staff alone isn’t always a cost-efficient move. As much as sticking to a small team seems affordable, it can yield more disadvantages in the long run. Also, acquiring and updating your IT infrastructure will cost a lot if you’re shouldering it on your own. Because […]

How to Overcome Shadow IT

Shadow IT opens the door to cyberattacks, data breach, data loss, and other problems that may hinder the operation of your business. Moreover, about 40% of purchases performed within a company are outside of the IT department based on Gartner research. When problems due to shadow IT arise, it will force your employees to focus […]

How to Maximize Your IT Budget

Let’s face it, not all businesses have a large budget to splurge on their IT team. Some barely have enough to hire the right employees for the job. With this, it’s important that every cent is maximized well and yields excellent results.   No matter if you have a bank load of money to spend […]

Everything You Need to Know About a Network Security Assessment

As new technologies spring up rapidly, network security assessment becomes an even more critical need. It’s no longer just about servers and computers. Each network has become intricate as big data becomes the focus of the operation.   As the demand for security increases, the security layers also become complicated. However, this same nature may […]

Data Security Questions to Ask Your IT Provider

Are you planning to hire a new IT provider? If so, you need to ensure that your choice of provider is competent enough against the ever-changing tactics of hackers. As much as outsourcing your IT is a good decision, it will only be beneficial if you have the right people to handle it for you. […]

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