Why Even Small Businesses Need a Cybersecurity Team

According to the cybersecurity team Symantec, hackers are now shifting to small firms since they are easy pickings compared to blue-chip companies. With this, small businesses can’t be sitting ducks when hackers decided to invade their system, more so their payment portals.

Hackers lurk on the web. You’ll never know when your business will be their next target. Even small businesses are prone to attacks if they don’t have a cybersecurity team.


What the statistics say

According to Symantec, around 43% of cyber-attacks worldwide were targeted toward small businesses. These firms are those with 250 and fewer employees.

Hackers exploit the complacency of small businesses when it comes to fraud. Business owners will only know that they’re under attack once their bank accounts have been withdrawn with large sums. Aside from robbing wire transfers, hackers also commit insurance fraud to milk money from Medicare and similar providers.

Some would steal intellectual property. If we sum it up, this will cost anywhere between a few thousand and hundreds of thousands per business.

Cybersecurity is no longer optional

Aside from the growing threats of fraud, small businesses should be aware that the Securities and Exchange Commission is updating its guidance. It’s in light with the recent attacks reported among the SMB community.

SEC has launched a website containing compliance toolkits, bulletins, and helpful alerts. Aside from that, hiring a cybersecurity service is a pressing need.


Why you need to hire a cybersecurity team

Technology is advancing 

The mere fact that technology is continuously advancing should encourage small businesses to use it for their benefit. Hackers also have access to this technology, and if you don’t know how to use it, they can use it against you.

You should never assume that you’re safe from cyberattacks just because you own a small business. Hackers know that you’re thinking precisely that way.


The internet is never safe

If you’re accepting and processing online payments, then you need to boost your cybersecurity. Hackers can steal not just your money but also your customers’ data. This is data breach can land you to a costly lawsuit.

Every day, business got hacked and yours can be the next target until you let a cybersecurity team guard your systems.


Cybersecurity is as critical as operational tools

If your business relies on the internet for a large chunk of your operation, then cybersecurity is as essential as any of your operational tools. The virtual protection it offers keeps hackers off your network. That’s one less problem for you to think about.

Sure, a cybersecurity team will cost a lot, but that’s only a fraction of what you’ll lose from online robbery. In the coming years, cybersecurity will become an indispensable part of every business’ operation, regardless if it’s a small or large firm.



Cyberattacks are becoming more and more directed toward small businesses. You should exhaust all means to guard your workplace against these threats. It starts by hiring a cybersecurity team that will monitor your business. It’s an investment that will secure all your other assets.

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