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You’ve Been Hacked. Now What?

So you’ve opened an innocent-looking email, download its attachments, and when you found it uninteresting, you went on with your daily chores. The next day, you’re awakened to the calls of your employees: your system has been hacked. Right at that moment, your company’s PCs have turned into zombies, and your operation is paralyzed. What […]

What Business Owners Need to Know About BYOD?

BYOD or Bring Your Own Device is a trend among modern workplaces. Employers sometimes impose BYOD policies that require their employees to purchase a device to perform a certain task. Also, some businesses use it as a way to cut corners when the budget is tight. But is it a safe move for business owners? […]

Should I Store My Data in the Cloud?

In the era of the internet, almost everybody is storing their data in the cloud. So should you do the same for your business? With small businesses becoming the main target of hackers, it’s quite reasonable for business owners to consider the risk of filing sensitive information on the web. Just like anything else, cloud […]

How to Tell if You’re Prepared for a Cyber Attack

With cyber attacks becoming rampant within the SMB sphere, you should be prepared at all times. In this era, your system can’t afford to be vulnerable. In fact, in 2016, about 43% of the recorded cyberattacks were aimed at small businesses. As a business owner, how can you tell if you’re prepared? Let’s start by […]

How to Tell if You Need a Managed IT Service Provider

Maintaining your own IT team can be demanding and costly. In the course of expanding your business, your IT needs will also increase. This means you’ll need to hire new people, acquire new technologies, and invest in new infrastructure. It’s not always cost-effective, which is why you should consider outsourcing your IT needs. Most businesses […]

How Managed IT can Improve Your Business

No matter what industry you are in, IT is an indispensable component of running a business. We live in the internet era where most people browse, refer, and purchase items or services on the web. As much as brick-and-mortar stores are still ideal, incorporating and managing an IT department will give your business an added […]

How Can You Limit Downtime When You Experience a Disaster?

Disasters could bring damages beyond what you expect. Floods, hurricanes, fires, hacking, and data breach are just some of the potential hazards that could hamper the operation of a business. Be it a natural or a cyber-related onslaught; you should be prepared for the aftermath. A disaster recovery plan is crucial so your business can […]

Do You Need to Update Your Disaster Recovery Plan?

Every business needs a disaster recovery plan. But the bigger question is how often and when it needs to be updated. The common mistake of businesses is they treat a disaster recovery plan as a set-it-then-forget-it requirement. Only when the disaster strikes that they will realize that it should’ve been updated years ago. It’s both […]

Do You Need Cyber Security Insurance?

In this day and age, where your cloud assets are exposed to potential harm, cybersecurity insurance seems to be a sound investment. Big corporations have it, but as a small business, does it pay to have the same policy? Like homeowner’s insurance, a cybersecurity insurance policy will protect you financially should a hacking incident compromised […]

Busting Common IT Myths

There’s so much misconception about IT that some businesses tend to fall prey to it. These myths don’t just make a dysfunctional IT team; it also exposes your business to the dangers of the web. So for this post, we will debunk some of these myths and misconceptions. Give your business a big favor and […]

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