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The Problems with Pay-As-You-Go IT Support

The IT industry has come a long way over the last few decades. Many companies offer pay-as-you-go support for small businesses that will encounter glitches in their system. They offer immediate solutions: just call the company, they fix the problem, and you pay the bill. This no-strings-attached setup is also attractive, especially if the business […]

IT Mistakes Your Employees Could Be Making Right Now

IT infrastructure can become very complicated, so making mistakes is easy. However, some of these mistakes could be expensive and could expose your business to harm. The more your IT system becomes complicated, the more mistakes your employees could possibly commit. Worse, you and your employees may not be noticing it. So to give you […]

How to Speed Up Your Computer

Don’t you just hate it when your computer lags in the middle of a very important task? Aside from being a productivity buster, slow computers also impact the motivation of your employees. Sluggish IT equipment will also paint an ugly picture for your business as it starts to affect your operation. Let’s fix that lagging […]

How to Move IT When You Move Office

Moving to a new office is both an exciting and stressful time. A lot has to be done. Part of this is ensuring that your IT infrastructure will be transported and set up properly. For some companies, IT downtime can be a costly sacrifice in moving into a new workspace. Although it might seem daunting […]

How to Evaluate Employee Tech Requests

At some point, your employees will ask for a new piece of technology. It could be to boost their productivity, to solve a dilemma at hand, or to improve customer relations. As much as it has a purpose and you want to be a good boss, you have to evaluate such tech requests first. Sure, […]

How to Back Up Your Computer

In this era mired with data security threats, backing up your computer is absolutely essential. You can lose your data anytime and in a snap of a finger. At some point, you might encounter an error in your system, which will cause the unintended deletion of important information. Whatever happens, a backup will save you […]

How AI Could Improve Your Business

AI or Artificial Intelligence has been evolving significantly over the past few years. From advanced laboratories to small businesses, AI has come a long way. This technology aims to speed up your operation and cut operating costs as well. So how does AI help your business? Do you need to integrate it into your business? […]

Does Your IT Purchase Boost Your Bottom Line?

Many businesses purchase the latest IT infrastructure without thinking about their returns. As much as the intentions are good and it may actually boost workplace productivity, new IT systems may not always boost your bottom line. So before you purchase any IT system, make sure that you ask yourself this question: will this purchase boost […]

Do You Need a Data Protection Officer?

A Data Protection Officer (DPO) isn’t a new role, but it has been emerging rapidly among companies. This role is responsible for data protection of companies, much more so for businesses that handle sensitive information. But what is a DPO and does your business really need one? The role of the Data Protection Officer A […]

A Guide to Office Network Cabling

Network cabling can be a big headache. It’s one of the most complicated yet most important parts of your IT. If not placed well, you’ll be left with a messy cobweb of cables and a lot of work to do. To skip the hassle and guesswork, we discussed here a short guide you can use […]

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