Should I Store My Data in the Cloud?

In the era of the internet, almost everybody is storing their data in the cloud. So should you do the same for your business? With small businesses becoming the main target of hackers, it’s quite reasonable for business owners to consider the risk of filing sensitive information on the web.

Just like anything else, cloud storage has its pros and cons. It’s just a matter of balancing the two to protect your company from illegal access.

Benefits of storing your data in the cloud

The cloud allows everyone for larger storage space for a meager cost. As much as you can find hardware that can outmatch cloud storage, it’s often expensive and not expandable. Also, hardware storage is inconvenient in terms of access.

Cloud storage also offers the flexibility that hardware storage doesn’t provide. Business owners can easily manage storage tiers and access, thus limiting unauthorized use of the data.

Aside from that, cloud storage also speeds up recovery in the event of a system failure. Also, most of these platforms have an auto-save and auto-retrieve function to guard your data.

Most of all, cloud storage providers use layers of security measures to shield their clients from hackers.

Risks of cloud storage

Just like any piece of technology, cloud storage doesn’t offer absolute security. Since it exists on the web, you’re placing your data closer to cybercriminals.

The biggest issue here is privacy. Even if the hackers don’t steal the data, they can still read and copy everything. Also, the government can issue a request to access your data should legal matters surface.

Although this is totally fine if you’re not hiding something, it still speaks a lot about your customers’ and employees’ privacy.

Also, you should note that cloud storage is located in an off-site location. You don’t have control over its uptime and what will happen to your data if a big glitch happens. This is why it’s crucial to choose a provider with a proven track record.

Why many people are concerned about cybersecurity

A lot of people state their concern about cloud storage due to the fact that it’s physically not in your possession. Your files and data are basically floating in the web sphere. When you store your data in a cloud platform, you become dependent on the site for your information’s safety.

Sure, you can store backups, but it’s a different story when the data is compromised. Since it’s out of your hands, you’ll need a cybersecurity plan to enforce your privacy.

Challenges you need to overcome

Cloud storage is no evil. Still, you have to trust the right platform to guarantee the security of your data. Always create multiple backups and never be too complacent about your cybersecurity.

Even if you have strong cloud security, you should have a disaster recovery plan in place. This way, you’re prepared should the worst-case scenario happens.

Final words

Cloud storage is a cost-efficient and convenient choice of filing your data. Still, you should always proceed with caution to evade any possible breach.



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