Busting Common IT Myths

There’s so much misconception about IT that some businesses tend to fall prey to it. These myths don’t just make a dysfunctional IT team; it also exposes your business to the dangers of the web. So for this post, we will debunk some of these myths and misconceptions. Give your business a big favor and read the following points.

Myth 1. Managed IT isn’t a necessity for small businesses

We understand that not all businesses have the budget to spend on outsourced IT services. However, to say that it’s not a necessity for SMBs is outright wrong. Managed IT is crucial for all businesses, much so for those who have online platforms.

Aside from that, outsourcing your IT needs will give your business an edge. Instead of buying the technology and maintaining it on your own, you can let the experts handle it for you.

Myth 2. Outsourcing your IT needs means you’ll lose control over that department

The greatest fear of business owners is that when they avail managed IT services, they will be exposing their company to vulnerability. Some feel like losing control over their IT department.

Although keeping everything internal looks like an excellent way to maintain security, the lack of managed IT services means you can’t respond to attacks right away. IT experts ensure that you will still enjoy the privacy and control over IT infrastructure no matter what.

In the end, this is just an unfounded fear.

Myth  3. Managed IT services are too expensive

While it’s true that this service can be costly, it depends on your package. Most IT providers can meet small business halfway so they can enjoy a better infrastructure without breaking the bank.

Take note that expensive doesn’t always mean great and cheap doesn’t always equate to lousy service. You just have to find a cost-effective approach to make it work for your company.

Myth 4. No need to outsource if you have an IT guy

A lot of businesses are guilty about relying on that solo IT guy. While this is cost-effective, one person isn’t enough to sustain the IT needs of your company, more so if you’re planning to expand.

Also, if that IT guy decides to quit, your IT infrastructure will be left in shambles. So instead of relying on a single person, it’s much better to outsource this department. Aside from enjoying exclusive service, you can also impose accountability.

Myth 5. Every IT provider is just the same

Take note that every IT service provider is different from the other. They use different technologies and techniques, hence a very different service.

If you’re scouting for the best provider, it’s best to work with one that has experience with your industry. Also, ask if they’ve dealt with a business of the same size as yours and what they have to offer. Most of all, their pricing should be manageable on your end.

Final words

Managed IT services allow you to use the latest technology and infrastructure without having to purchase it on your own. Beyond the myths, this service is a big help not just for big corporations, but also to small businesses.

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