6 Physical Security Measures You Should Take Immediately

Hackers are notoriously targeting small and medium-sized businesses. But contrary to the common notion that it’s an outside attack, you’ll be surprised that some breaches happen as inside jobs. It can be a deliberate attack initiated by an unhappy employee or a cybersecurity lapse that triggered an outside threat. Whatever the cause is, you need to perform the following physical measures before it’s too late:


Check your employees’ remote access to office data

Your employees don’t have to be physically present in the office to access company data. If you only use a password to guard all your confidential information, you need to come up with a stringent security measure.

Don’t put all the eggs in one basket. Create separate shared drives and enable multifactor authentication. Also, audit your employees’ remote access to check if someone is becoming suspicious.


Restrict backroom access

From now on, restrict the access to specific parts of your workplace. Install front desk cameras and log all the individuals that will set foot on your workstation. Also, keep access to your physical servers and computers strictly for authorized personnel only. Anyone who wishes to access your backroom should secure your permission first. This is critical, especially for businesses in the finance and healthcare industry.


Launch an IT security plan

You can consult with an IT provider to come up with a cybersecurity plan for your business. These professionals can audit your system and point out weak points. In fact, they can even detect unauthorized access to your system. This is a very helpful move to secure your business’ information and to ward off hackers off your network.


Replace old computers

Clunky and outdated computers are impossible to install with the latest cybersecurity software. It’s time to switch for a modern and simple unit. The latest Windows, Chromebook, and MacBook units come with impressive security features that will reduce direct attacks to your business. It’s an investment both for your company’s cybersecurity and your employees’ productivity.


Assemble a technology committee

Cybersecurity should be a collective effort between the management and the employees. A simple act of surrendering a flash drive to your IT department can make a big difference. Also, all your devices and technology should be monitored well. Record the names of those uses and borrows each item so you will have a trail to follow if something goes wrong on your system.


Come up with a phishing policy

Train your employees to identify phishing emails and suspicious activities on your network. You’ll never know when one of them will become the recipient of a massive phishing attack. Provide examples of scams and how they can deal with it.

It’s best to train the upper management and down to the rank-and-file employees. Through this, you’ll have a holistic approach against hacking.



Cyberattacks are becoming prominent in the advancement of technology. To protect your business from being the next target, it’s best to employ proactive solutions that will defend your assets.

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