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Why Small Businesses Should Outsource IT Support

Small businesses that were once hesitant have started to integrate tech into their structure. Their lowering costs, improving features, and increasing accessibility help fuel their adoption. However, it’s only a matter of time until these small businesses get overwhelmed. Technology doesn’t run itself. It requires trained professionals who can manage your hardware and software. As […]

What Every Small Business Should Know About Outsourcing IT

Business owners are now starting to realize how important technology is. Close to half of businesses (44%) now offer their services online. Most (85%) already run a blog or website to represent their company. Small businesses that adopted technology have grown in recent years. Unfortunately, so have the threats to cybersecurity. It’s time for business […]

What Every Business Should Know About IT Support

Technology is crucial to any modern-day business. It’s just that some companies rely on it more than others. Businesses which depend heavily on technology need help from information technology (IT) specialists.   Hiring vs Outsourcing IT Support Now there are two ways to go about this. The first option is to hire IT support staff […]

What Are The Biggest Technology Challenges For Small Businesses?

Startups and small businesses usually get the short end of the stick. Considering their limited budget, the struggle to keep up with technology shouldn’t surprise you. Of course, technology is just a catch-all phrase for various innovative solutions. Lumping them together doesn’t give an accurate picture of what they have to deal with. Below, we’ll […]

What Are The Advantages Of A Managed Firewall?

Cyber attacks are on the rise, and so are the ways you can protect your business. Your first layer of defense against these threats is called a firewall.   What is a firewall? A firewall is a hardware or software program designed to protect a private network and its stored data. It is an entire […]

The Mistakes You Are Probably Making With Your Business Telephone System

Telephone systems are still widely used by businesses amidst technological advancements. Due to their flexibility and dependability, they remain to be the mainstay of communication in businesses, especially in larger enterprises. Like many aspects of business however, they are sometimes neglected or their potential isn’t fully utilized. What this does is create missed opportunities where […]

Is Your Business Email Safe?

Emails are helpful for communicating. In a business setting, you use it to go back and forth with employees, colleagues, customers, potential clients, suppliers, and other key individuals. However, it’s not just a means to communicate within and outside the business structure but a valuable asset. Due to its importance, it’s only natural to ask […]

How Business Owners Can Spot Phishing Emails

You may have heard about phishing emails. As a business owner, you need to be more wary of them. A phishing email poses a greater danger to you since it could lead to losses and place your customers at risk.   What Is A Phishing Email? The term ‘phishing’ essentially combines the meanings of two […]

Busting Small Business Cyber Security Myths

Large scale businesses are almost always up-to-date with the best practices in cybersecurity. They take adequate measures in protecting their data against hackers and an assortment of cybercriminals. It makes sense. Given their size and customer base, they have plenty to lose. It’s a different story for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Many have yet […]

5 Advantages Of Cloud Computing For Businesses

Cloud computing was first developed for small and mid-sized businesses that needed the tech, but lacked the budget. Back then, massive data storage was limited to enterprises who could afford it. Cloud technology gave SMBs access to larger storage options at a time when they normally couldn’t. Today, it’s become a standard across businesses of […]

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