Why Small Businesses Should Outsource IT Support

Small businesses that were once hesitant have started to integrate tech into their structure. Their lowering costs, improving features, and increasing accessibility help fuel their adoption.

However, it’s only a matter of time until these small businesses get overwhelmed. Technology doesn’t run itself. It requires trained professionals who can manage your hardware and software. As such, small businesses that depend on technology should consider getting support from a third-party provider.


Here are 4 reasons why you should outsource IT support.


Reason #1 – Spend less on staff

An IT manager will cost you tens of thousands each year on salary alone. You still need a whole team to meet your company’s technology needs, whose salaries, training, and benefits also have to be paid for. To make matters worse, your in-house specialists won’t be able to give you 24/7 IT support unless you rotate your staff or hire more people.

Outsourcing reduces your business expenses without compromising the support you need. You can get an entire team of IT consultants at less than a fraction of hiring a single IT manager.


Reason #2 – Run your business more efficiently

Wherever there’s technology, you can expect problems to come up once in a while. Unless you have a team of specialists who are ready to help, your employees will waste hours trying to fix tech issues which they are neither knowledgeable in nor trained for. Incidents like these can reduce the productivity of your staff and cause major setbacks in operations. Ultimately, it would be detrimental to your business goals.

An outsourced IT support team can monitor for problems before they even happen. Should issues arise, they can take care of it as well, thus enabling your staff to focus on their tasks and other key aspects of business. Both can ensure smooth running operations with minimal setbacks. Your small business will also have better chances of achieving its goals in a timely manner.


Reason #3 – Get professional guidance

Adopting technology with little know-how can be problematic, especially for small businesses with a limited budget. The slightest mistake can cost you money and negatively impact your business. But if you choose to outsource to an IT provider, you can count on them for an expert opinion.

Remember that an IT support team is comprised of specialists in their field. They can improve your infrastructure by advising you on the latest technology and strategies, making sure they fit your needs. We recommend choosing a service provider that has your best interest in mind and shows the willingness to help grow your business.


Reason #4 – Ensure your long-term survival

A 2017 survey by Small Business Trends reveals that nearly half (43%) of cyber attacks are targeted to small businesses. With most small businesses shutting down from data loss, this should give you reason enough to outsource IT support.

An IT support company can secure your business data and protect it from cyber criminals who may try to steal it. In turn, you get to have the assurance that your business will be able to recover in the event of data loss.

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