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What Should Business Do with Old Computers?

A fact of business is that old computers will eventually need replacing. However, in the process of procuring new hardware, many businesses question what should happen to their old computers? While it’s easy to dispose of them in the trash, business owners have to be responsible when disposing of their electronic waste, especially if they […]

The Problems IT Partners can Help you Solve

An IT partner can either make or break your business systems. That’s why choosing a partner should follow rigorous research, consultation, and brainstorming. Hiring a good IT partner can help you solve various problems that could impact your business’ operation. The following are some of the IT woes that an IT provider can help solve. […]

The Huge Benefits of Using an Outsourced IT Partner

Outsourcing your IT needs can save time, money, and energy. Aside from that, you’ll get the best value and service if you choose the right IT partner. Not all IT services are made equal, however,  so it’s important to find one that suits your business. It’s about asking the right questions and knowing the provider […]

The Benefit of Having a Managed Services Agreement

A managed IT services agreement with a reputable IT provider helps you stay on top of your business’ operation. It gives you peace of mind and guarantees that your IT partner is accountable for whatever glitch that may occur in your system. Aside from that, you’ll have access to a pool of experts without having […]

Should You be Doing More of Your Own IT Work?

Many businesses are torn between outsourcing their IT work and doing it themselves. Both have their pros and cons, so you should always weigh your options carefully to know which suits your business. As much as you can save money by doing your own IT work, it may not be sustainable or convenient. Consider the […]

How You Can Help Your IT Provider Serve You Better

Many companies tend to hire an IT partner and then give them full responsibility for securing and running their system. As much as the latter is accountable for the performance of your IT infrastructure, it doesn’t mean that you’re not going to help them. Between you and the IT provider, you’re the one who knows […]

How to Tell if Your IT Budget is Realistic

One of the assets that businesses have to fund is their IT system. This isn’t just their internet connection or the new computers they’re planning to buy. It includes every tech that keeps their business running – their website, IT security, IT services, applications, and so on. Since it can be a large-scale topic for […]

Does Your Business Really Have an IT Strategy?

Sure, you purchase new tech and software, but do you really have an overarching IT strategy in place? If you don’t think twice when making such purchases, chances are your business is running without an IT strategy. This can lead to costly and unnecessary expenses, not to mention the lack of safety net if something […]

Do IT Certifications Really Matter?

Each IT service provider will always take pride in the certifications their professionals or the company itself has. It serves as proof that they are skilled enough to handle various types of IT infrastructures and tasks. But the question is whether these IT certifications really matter? Here, we’ll weigh the points and come to a […]

Common Myths about Viruses and Malware

The myths about viruses and malware are as rampant as the viruses themselves. This leads many companies to adopt inappropriate solutions. Some don’t act upon the discovery of the malware, thinking that it’s only a small problem. Worse, some employees can’t even identify the presence of computer malware until it has started to wreak havoc […]

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