What to do when your business’ network goes down

Do you have a plan for what happens when your business’ network goes down? Maybe you’re experiencing a power outage. Perhaps systems are malfunctioning, you’ve lost an access key or you’re experiencing business-wide data loss. Whatever the cause, network downtime can cause serious problems for small and medium-sized businesses.

Even if this type of thing has never happened to your business, it is crucial that you plan what to do if it ever does. The more reliant your business becomes on software and the cloud, the more devastating network outages can be. That means the likelihood of serious disruption is only going to increase.

Don’t believe us? There are a huge number of ways that businesses can experience network outages in this day and age. These include the following:


  • Power outages: Backouts still happen frequently across the country. Your building’s electrical wiring could short circuit. Planned engineering could shut your business down.
  • Natural disasters: Fires, floods, and storms can all take your network offline and lead to severe data loss.
  • Hacking attacks: Your business could be hacked at any time. Don’t think that because you are an SMB that hackers won’t bother with you. Thousands have SMBs have been attacked over the last few years.
  • User error: Your employees can cause your network to go down, whether it’s maliciously or by accident. It only takes them to push the wrong button for everything to be deleted in an instant.


Create a disaster recovery plan

Often it can’t be helped when your business experiences network downtime. But your reaction can change. You need to make sure you have a quick and reliable way to get back to business whenever downtime strikes.

This starts by having a quality backup and disaster recovery system. Getting up and running again often means accessing work that is either temporarily unavailable or lost for good. That’s why having satisfactory backups is essential. You need to be backing up all of your business’ data daily, weekly, monthly, and annually. That way you always have the latest data to hand, as well as a historic record should you need to revert to an older data set.

You then need a backup solution that allows you to restore data as quickly as possible. Traditional tape backups are not satisfactory in this regard. These can take hours to restore business data. Instead, you need high-performance backup data recovery software that restores data instantly. This keeps downtime to a minimum and ensures staff can get access to data and start work as soon as possible.

For more information on creating a satisfactory disaster recovery solution for your business, get in touch with our team. Call our sales and support team on 281-768-4800 today.

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