What does IT support cost for a small business?

Everyone likes to know what something costs and how that cost is broken down before they buy it. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a meal in a restaurant or the cost of getting your car serviced, we can use the price to make an informed decision if we want to go ahead with the service.

Working out how much IT small business support should cost can be tricky, however. That’s because prices can be highly tailored to individual businesses, meaning there is no industry standard to use.


IT support isn’t cheap

The vast majority of IT support websites will never mention their prices online. Sometimes, this can be to remain competitive but sometimes it’s because some IT firms will try and quote a low price to draw you in.

This can make it very appealing when you are quoted a cheap price compared to other IT consultants. Why should you pay so much more for what seems like the same service on the face of it.

The truth is that cheap IT support can be very expensive. Because when a price is too good, it usually is.

The service will either match the price and be nonexistent. This can lead to big problems and expensive fixes when you need to hire in proper professionals to do the work. Or there will be a host of hidden fees that make the price much, much higher than you thought it would be.


What should IT support actually cost?

The truth is that IT support prices vary considerably depending on your location, your business size and your needs. This makes it very difficult to give a definitive answer to the question and why so few IT companies will list out their prices on their website.

We quote projects on a business by business basis, meaning that few businesses are ever paying the same amount. This is the fairest way possible and the only way to ensure that every business gets the attention it needs.

That doesn’t mean you can’t work out if you are getting a bum deal, however. The best way to work out what IT should actually cost for a business of your size and in your area is to have a very well define brief of needs and get costs from multiple IT consultants. That way you’ll be able to see which figures most closely aline, which ones seem way too cheap and which seem way too high.

You can then use that information to question each IT consultant further on their pricing and ultimately make a decision.

For more information on managed IT support and we can help protect your business’ digital assets, get in touch with our team. Call our sales and support team on 281-768-4800 today.

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