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Beware of phishing email scams

Wouldn’t it be great if technology could solve every problem for your workforce? In reality, every IT solution has its limitations, including security defenses. As I’ve written in previous articles, 100-percent security does not exist. The credibility of anyone who tells you a system can never be breached should immediately decline if they make this […]

The existential threat of ransomware is real

You roll into work on a Monday morning and learn your network has been infected with ransomware. The attackers have encrypted 100 percent of your data and demand a ransom paid in Bitcoin. You have less than 24 hours to make payment. What do you do? While this scenario may be hypothetical, the threat is […]

Your convenience is a hacker’s dream

If you could have either convenience or security, which would you choose? For most people, it is convenience. As Americans, we enjoy high-speed internet in every populated area, which has moved many aspects of lives, including banking, shopping and entertainment, to applications delivered through cloud services. The internet has made our lives very convenient because […]