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Comprehensive Pasadena IT Support Solutions Specifically Designed for Your Company

Your IT support needs are unique, which means that solutions for other companies may not work for your company. There is no magic formula when it comes to Pasadena IT support, which is why everyone here at Omnipotech is good at listening. After addressing your business goals, we will craft an IT support solution that helps achieve them, regardless of your company’s size.

Pasadena IT Support solutions that ensure the protection, confidentiality, and integrity of your data

  • Your company’s success hinges on using technology as a bridge between people and process.
  • Reliable security is at the heart of successful Pasadena IT support.
  • Your Pasadena IT Support needs are realized because we give you what you want.
  • Don’t pay more for Pasadena IT Support that you don’t really need.

Your company’s IT support issues may bring us together, but we nurture partnerships by listening and caring over time. As your business grows, we refine your Pasadena IT support strategy to increase efficiency, security, and profitability. Since 2002, we’ve been providing IT support to clients all over their world. We are are ready to do the same for you.

Comprehensive Pasadena IT Support solutions from Omnipotech

Your IT support needs are fully realized with our comprehensive, proprietary approach. Your success is what fuels our success. Every member of our IT support team operates from our Pasadena office and they are hired for their technical skill, empathy, and communication skills. By nurturing our business partnerships, we create better Pasadena IT solutions that create happy clients.

Our comprehensive Pasadena IT support solutions include:

  • IT Consulting
  • Managed IT Services
  • Cloud IT Solutions
  • Hardware/Software Sales
  • Cyber Security Services
  • Hosting Services
  • Telephone systems
  • Cloud Services
  • Application Development
  • Maintenance

You won’t overpay for Pasadena IT support services you don’t need

Why pay for Pasadena IT support that you seldom use? By digging down into the nature of your business, we can focus on solutions unique to your enterprise. This process is fully transparent and keeps costs lower through surgical pricing.

Pasadena IT Support fully focused on security

Protecting your data is paramount. We have never lost a client’s data, and all of your backups are fully insured. We will work with you to develop comprehensive Pasadena IT security protocols focused on architecture, prevention, and monitoring.

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Pasadena Tidbits

Pasadena is part of the Greater Houston metropolitan statistical area. The city is located in Harris County, Texas. As of 2010, Pasadena had over 54,000 housing units, and the population was around 149,043, making it the 2nd biggest city in the county.

Do you ever wonder why the city is named Pasadena? How is it connected to Pasadena, California? Well, John H. Burnett named it after Pasadena, California. When he founded the area back in 1893, he saw its potential due to its verdant vegetation. Other trivia about the city is that Pasadena has the largest group of volunteer fire departments in the entire country.

The city occupies a land area of 44.2 square miles and has 0.4 square miles of water. To the north of Pasadena is the Buffalo Bayou and San Jacinto River. To the southeast is the Galveston Bay. Generally, Pasadena’s climate is described as having warm summers and chilly winters.

Pasadena started out as a settlement area for the Karankawa and Atakapan tribes. Soon, the Rivas-Iriarte expedition came, and several Spanish explorers staked a claim on the area. Even Jean Lafitte, a French pirate, built his army around the Galveston Bay.

After the Republic of Texas rebelled against the Mexican government in 1835, the cities of Deer Park and Pasadena became the “Birthplace of Texas.” This marked a new beginning for the state of Texas. In 1843, Sam Allen had 350 acres of land and built his very own Allen Ranch. By 1888, the ranch expanded to over 25,000 acres in total. It was so massive that the ranch was in both Harris County and Brazoria County.

It was in 1892 when John H. Burnett founded an unnamed town just east of Sam Allen’s ranch. He also established another town called Deepwater, which later was added to the city of Pasadena. There was a population increase when Galveston refugees moved to the area.

The settlers started to plant strawberries, and many years later, Pasadena became known for being a major producer of strawberries. On top of that, Japanese rice farmers came and brought more agricultural development.

By 1928, Pasadena was officially incorporated as a city. Its economy is linked to petroleum and other related industries. Pasadena also became a residential area for the employees of the nearby Johnson Space Center. Eventually, it grew into a suburb of Houston. Now, Pasadena has more than 20 neighborhoods.

As for its arts and culture, Pasadena has many places to visit with its museums, a community theater, and an orchestra. You can visit numerous museums such as the Pasadena Historical Museum, the Bay Area Museum, and Armand Bayou Nature Center. Do not worry because Pasadena did not forget its strawberries. The city continues to celebrate the Pasadena Strawberry Festival. It is no wonder that Pasadena was tagged as the Strawberry Capital of the World. In 2008 alone, the Strawberry Festival was able to attract 56,000 visitors.

The fun does not end there because Pasadena has an annual rodeo festival. Because of this, the movie Urban Cowboy was shot in the city. The 1980 movie starred John Travolta and Debra Winger, and it depicted a love of country music. One of the film’s locations was Gilley’s. It was a honky tonk bar owned by Mickey Gilley, a country singer. Unfortunately, in 1990, the famous bar was ravaged by fire and destroyed all the movies memorabilia. Up to this day, Mickey Gilley still lives in Pasadena, Texas.

If you are looking for things to do in the city, Pasadena is just near landmarks such as NASA’s Johnson Space Center, San Jacinto Battleground, and other places that are found in Houston, a nearby city.

At the Johnson Space Center, you will learn about astronaut training, starships gallery, and the Saturn V Rockets. These rockets motorized the Apollo missions. You will also see Mercury 9, Gemini 5, and other artifacts. You can explore the Johnson Space Center by joining their tram tour. Keep in mind that the tram tour is not always available.

If you are lucky, you will be able to tour areas like the Mission Operations Control Room 2, Chris Kraft Mission Control Centers, Space Vehicle Mockup Facility, and the Rocket Park with a restored Saturn V Rocket. In January 2017, the Johnson Space Center added a Mission to Mars exhibit. This is their way of explaining how to travel to Mars. Visitors will be taught about the ships that will transport them to Mars, and they get to experience a simulation of the landing. There is also a virtual reality app experience, so people see the meteorites up close, and people will know what it is like to be an astronaut through the Orion spacecraft simulator.

One partner from desktop to datacenter, who can manage and support it all—that’s OMNIPOTECH.

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