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Comprehensive Baytown IT Support Solutions Specifically Designed for Your Company

Your IT support needs are unique, which means that solutions for other companies may not work for your company. There is no magic formula when it comes to Baytown IT support, which is why everyone here at Omnipotech is good at listening. After addressing your business goals, we will craft an IT support solution that helps achieve them, regardless of your company’s size.

Baytown IT Support solutions that ensure the protection, confidentiality, and integrity of your data

  • Your company’s success hinges on using technology as a bridge between people and process.
  • Reliable security is at the heart of successful Baytown IT support.
  • Your Baytown IT Support needs are realized because we give you what you want.
  • Don’t pay more for Baytown IT Support that you don’t really need.

Your company’s IT support issues may bring us together, but we nurture partnerships by listening and caring over time. As your business grows, we refine your Baytown IT support strategy to increase efficiency, security, and profitability. Since 2002, we’ve been providing IT support to clients all over their world. We are are ready to do the same for you.

Comprehensive Baytown IT Support solutions from Omnipotech

Your IT support needs are fully realized with our comprehensive, proprietary approach. Your success is what fuels our success. Every member of our IT support team operates from our Baytown office and they are hired for their technical skill, empathy, and communication skills. By nurturing our business partnerships, we create better Baytown IT solutions that create happy clients.

Our comprehensive Baytown IT support solutions include:

  • IT Consulting
  • Managed IT Services
  • Cloud IT Solutions
  • Hardware/Software Sales
  • Cyber Security Services
  • Hosting Services
  • Telephone systems
  • Cloud Services
  • Application Development
  • Maintenance

You won’t overpay for Baytown IT support services you don’t need

Why pay for Baytown IT support that you seldom use? By digging down into the nature of your business, we can focus on solutions unique to your enterprise. This process is fully transparent and keeps costs lower through surgical pricing.

Baytown IT Support fully focused on security

Protecting your data is paramount. We have never lost a client’s data, and all of your backups are fully insured. We will work with you to develop comprehensive Baytown IT security protocols focused on architecture, prevention, and monitoring.

Contact us today for Baytown IT support solutions that meet your business needs

Baytown Tidbits

Baytown is mainly part of Harris County while a minor portion of it is under Chambers County. The city is included in Greater Houston, the 5th most populated metropolitan statistical area in the country. As of 2010, the MSA had a population of 6,490,180 residents while Baytown reported a population of 71,802. Eight years later, Baytown already reached the 85,000 population mark.

The city boasts a diverse economy and low cost of living. Not only that, Baytown is only 26 miles away from Houston. As for its geography, the city occupies a land area of 35.4 square, and the remaining 1.1 square miles are made up of water.

Because Baytown is located on the western gulf coastal grasslands, it has a great deal of meadows and marshes. Constant flooding has been a perpetual problem since the terrain is not elevated and is bordered by numerous bodies of water. On its east is the Cedar Bayou while the Galveston Bay is on Baytown’s south and west.

Historically, Baytown’s humble beginnings started in 1822. Nathaniel Lynch, one of Baytown’s premier residents, began a ferry business. It would transport people from San Jacinto River to the Buffalo Bayou. Until this day, the ferry service is still functional.

Lynchburg Ferry, as it is popularly known now, is the leading method of transportation in the city. TripAdvisor even tagged it as number one of the things to do in Baytown. You can visit it at 1001 Independence Parkway North. The ferry transports 10 cars at a time, but it is definitely worth the wait. If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the Lynchburg Ferry will give you something new.

When taking the Lynchburg Ferry, you pass a scenic route. The kids will certainly enjoy this short boat ride because of the beautiful view of Buffalo Bayou. A spectacular sight is when the pelicans flock to the area. Pelicans frequent coastal waters because they heavily rely on fish. It is a fun sight to watch when the pelicans catch fish with their long beaks.

Did you know that Baytown is a collection of 3 independent towns? The first town is called Goose Creek. The town’s name is still visible in Baytown. In fact, the Goose Creek School District is named after the historic town. The school district, founded in the 1840s, manages 14 primary schools, 5 junior high schools, and 4 secondary schools to this day.

In 1947, the 3 towns decided to merge as one city. The citizens agreed to name the newly founded city Baytown. On January 24, 1948, Baytown officially became a city within Harris County. Since 1963, Covestro’s Cedar Bayou Plant is one of the city’s top employers.

In 1970, steel manufacturing was Baytown’s leading industry. However, it was only short-lived since the plant of United States Steel closed in 1986. Today, Baytown’s economy is fueled by oil and gas companies such as ExxonMobil, Covestro, and Chevron Phillips. The ExxonMobil Baytown Complex started in 1919, and it is still considered one of the largest industrial complexes worldwide.

Other than that, Baytown is known for its Cedar Crossing Industrial Park. The TGS Cedar Port Industrial Park is the 5th largest industrial park in the world. The park occupies a total of 15,000 acres and is mainly used for manufacturing purposes.

Baytown is not just filled with factories and multinational companies. There are actually many activities to enjoy in the city. One to mention is the Pirates Bay Water Park. Visit this Water Park at 5300 East Road, Baytown. They are open from 8 AM to 5 PM, so you have the whole day to relax and have fun in the sun. The Pirates Bay Water Park is definitely a place where kids would love to visit. There are various slides and water activities for them to experience. There is also a wave pool, as well as a surfing pool. Because it is maintained by the city, you are guaranteed of its cleanliness and affordability. If you want to enjoy a family, friendly park, visit this eventful water park.

If you want to be closer to nature, then Baytown Nature Center should be on the top of your list. The Baytown Nature Center is at 6213 Bayway Drive. This tourist attraction features numerous animals, fishing areas, and hiking trails. You can go for a walk, enjoy the picturesque view, or even go bird watching. The Baytown Nature Center is open daily, so you are free to visit the 400-acre property anytime. It offers a refreshing site amidst the huge oil refineries in the city. There is a vast park for you to sit and enjoy some quiet time, as well. Additionally, a playground and an educational center is open for kid to enjoy. Just so you know, if you have a Baytown address, you get to enjoy the Baytown Nature Center for free. That is one reason to move to Baytown!

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