IT Security Services Your Business Needs

No one is invincible when it comes to cyber threats. Even small businesses can be the next target of hacking. Because of this, you have to reinforce your IT to ensure that intruders will have to pass through security layers before getting a hand on your system. For this, you should take note of the following staples for stronger and safer cybersecurity.

Although it may seem financially burdensome to acquire such services, it’s way more affordable than hiring attorneys and paying compensation in the aftermath of a data breach. So before it’s too late, make sure that you have the following services:

Incident response plan

At least once in your business’ operation, it will face a difficult cyber situation. When this happens, you need an incident response plan in place to prevent hackers from getting into your system.

This plan includes simulations of the situations and what could be done to prevent it from blowing up into a massive data breach or hacking.

Security vulnerability assessment

The biggest problem of many businesses is they aren’t aware of the current threats to their cybersecurity. With the help of a security vulnerability assessment from an IT provider, businesses can now have a bigger picture of their infrastructure.

Remember, a hacking incident could be left undiscovered for up to six months. By this time, the hackers have looted your system already.

PKI services

PKI or Public Key Infrastructure is an important service that sets restrictions on who can access your system. Also, it encrypts communication coming in and out of your company.

Moreover, PKI services feature multi-factor authentication as well as access control, among others. All of these secure the integrity of your system. Also, it makes it difficult for hackers to infiltrate your system.

Endpoint protection

Endpoint protection ensures that every single device in your organization is protected at every angle.

The problem with some businesses, especially small ones, is they tend to think that antivirus software products are enough to secure them from top to bottom.

Aside from that, the endpoint security should also include data loss protection, patch management, firewalls, encryption, and more.

Penetration testing

Penetration testing drills help test if your business has enough security layers to withstand an attack. For this, actual hacking and cyberattacks will be simulated. The service provider will then see how it impacts your system and how prepared your team is in addressing such problems.

Also called the ‘pen test’, it aims to figure out weak spots on your system and patch it up before hackers discover it on their own.


A solid firewall serves as a secured entry on your organization’s system. It monitors the logs, connection attempts, and suspicious activities 24/7. Firewalls are the core of every cybersecurity plan, together with complementary IT services that boost its benefit.

Continuous staff training

Aside from putting all of these services in place, you also need to train your staff continuously. This way, they will know how to utilize the technologies and spot cyberattacks even before it reaches your system.

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