How to Move IT When You Move Office

Moving to a new office is both an exciting and stressful time. A lot has to be done. Part of this is ensuring that your IT infrastructure will be transported and set up properly. For some companies, IT downtime can be a costly sacrifice in moving into a new workspace. Although it might seem daunting and demanding, there are things you can do to minimize the losses and make the move hassle-free.

The following are some tips that will make your office move easier:

Plan the move

Before you even unplug a single PC, make sure that have an IT plan in place. This way, the move will be organized and nothing will fall between the cracks. There should be assigned personnel for every task, so the transition will be smooth. This way, your IT system will be up and running fast in your new office.

Check the office’s network

After you plan the move, make sure that the new network in your new office is all set. Check the cables, test signal levels, and other backbone systems that have been in place before moving the bigger components. This way, you have no other issues to deal with when the big move happens.

Involve your employees

It’s more practical to have your employees involved in the IT move. Besides, they are the ones running the system, which means they could possibly suggest efficient ways to reduce downtime. Make sure that you define individual tasks carefully to avoid confusion and redundancy.

Back up everything

All your data should be backed up, so if something happens during the move, your business will not be affected too much. Remember that losing important files is one of the biggest dilemmas of moving to a new office. You should always have backups for everything in order to anticipate the worst.

Come up with a site visit checklist

Aside from planning the move, you should also have a checklist prepared for after the move. This is to audit all your IT equipment and to ensure that everything is in the right place.

Also, this checklist will ensure that the IT systems are configured properly and that each workstation is in the ideal place.

Replace outdated components

Moving an IT infrastructure is also an excellent time to asses which of the components require replacements. With a new office comes new inspiration for work. Aside from that, your employees should also experience a better system to boost their productivity.

Run and test everything

Once everything is in place, run the system and make sure that each component is running properly. It’s essential to test for glitches right away so you can fix it as early as possible.

Final words

Moving to a new office is a crucial phase for all businesses. Planning is crucial to ensure that everything will be transferred properly, much so your IT infrastructure. If you’re confident with your planning skills, you can always tap the help of IT office movers.


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