How Do You Keep Your Data Safe?

According to University of Maryland’s School of Engineering, cyber attacks happen every 39 seconds. On average, computers with Internet access get hold with accounts using their corresponding username and password. Worse, the success rates are higher on accounts with a weak username and password.

Honestly, I consider this as a huge threat to personal privacy and to our collective privacy as a society. Last year, the managed I.T. services was anticipated to be around 170 billion US dollars. So, if you do not apply security measures, your personal data could be leaked.

Below, I have listed 4 quick tips to keep your data safe. Take action now because each day, there tons of data made available online. If you don’t do something now, how are you sure that your personal data is free from the prying eyes of these hackers?

Store Files on the Cloud

  • The cloud makes data available for any device. Data is solely restricted one computer or one storage device. Backing up your data using cloud storage is essential because if your offline data gets stolen, you can still access it. The cloud storage saved a copy of it. Thus, saving you from potentially losing all your data.
  • Numbers don’t lie; there are reports saying that 60% of small business close within the first 6 months because of cyber attacks. Hence, prevent data breach by securing your files on a reliable cloud storage.

Install a Firewall and Antivirus Protection

  • A firewall will line your line of defense and it  will help you filter all outgoing and incoming messengers. Moreover, it can stop potentially dangerous activities to enter your network of computer.
  • Meanwhile, an antivirus software can help you detect potentially malicious software that can compromise or harm your system. Together, both the firewall and antivirus can do something to hinder harmful attacks from happening.
  • These two are extremely important in making sure your data is protected. So, never neglect the comfort and protection these tools give.

Bolster the Physical Security of Your Office

  • Like internal security, physical security is also equally important.  You should store data in a physically secure location. Perhaps, you can also implement pass codes, and restrict access by locking doors, and monitor the premises by installing security cameras.
  • Also, keep away important storage from any other risks like fire and water hazards. Avoid situations that could compromise your precious data.

Hire Someone to Manage Your Data

  • For small businesses, hiring someone can be expensive. So, outsourcing may be a convenient solution for you. Just someone that will guide you to get the hang of it. Eventually, your will get used to terms like cloud storage, firewall, malware, and so on.

Final Thoughts

Today, cyber attacks are becoming more and more common. These attacks can pose as a threat, and cyber criminals have the power to close down your business in an instant. Fortunately, there are managed I.T. service providers like Omnipotech to help you.

So, you should not compromise your cybersecurity. As a matter of fact, you should prioritize it. Contact Omnipotech Support Center now to know more about the cybersecurity solutions we currently offer.

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