How cloud computing can enhance your business

The cloud has completely changed the way that many businesses operate. Offering a cheaper, easier and more effective solution to onsite servers, more and more businesses are deciding to switch to a cloud solution. If your business isn’t leveraging the cloud, you should definitely consider it. Here are three major ways that cloud computing can transform and enhance your business.


The cloud is much more cost-effective

The cloud can cut costs significantly for your business. On-site servers are incredibly expensive to set up and run. And they aren’t scalable, either. So when you need a tiny bit more storage space, you have to pay for significantly more than you need. Cloud storage, on the other hand, is incredibly cheap and it’s scalable. You can add or remove storage facilities instantly whenever you need. There’s no paying for storage that you don’t need or continuing to pay for storage when your business no longer needs it.


The cloud is incredibly diverse

Data storage is probably the first thing that businesses think about when you ask them about the cloud. But that’s just one facet of a cloud solution. There are several other ways that businesses can leverage the cloud such as through Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications such as Google Docs and Slack. These digital services don’t require a significant amount of space on your machine and they aren’t locked to single machines either. That enables your employees to take these apps with them wherever they are and whatever machine they are using.

This also makes it much easier to backup, recover and access your files, work and apps remotely. It doesn’t matter what happens on-site. Even if your building burns down and all of your computers are destroyed, you’ll still be able to access your work on another machine.

Finally, it also facilitates collaboration within companies and between businesses. The cloud makes it easy for employees and businesses to quickly and securely share files without having to rely on email or USBs.


The cloud can offer greater security

The cloud isn’t perfect and it won’t make your data and files completely secure — it can even open you up to more security issues — but it is almost certainly more secure than the current IT setup of most SMBs. With cloud computing, everything is kept securely offsite, normally in an encrypted format. That means you can limit access to the data and ensure that people can’t download it or access it without permission. Employees, clients and competitors can’t steal data without you being alerted to it first.

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