Free VPN Isn’t the best VPN

Previously, I talked about the basics of having a virtual private network and what the factors to look for when buying a VPN. Catch up on that and more: 4 Factors to Consider when Choosing the Right VPN

A VPN is really helpful when you are always on the go and constantly moving from one place to another. When you are using a public WiFi, the VPN will serve as your shield from anyone who might steal your passwords, bank details, and other personal information. You are paying for a service to protect your privacy and your family’s privacy as well! So, when a VPN offers their services for free, how will they make money? What do they gain from this free service?

Below, I will share to you a few reasons why you should NOT choose a free VPN.

1. Free VPNs are not exactly safe. analyzed a total of 150 VPN apps downloadable on Google Play… and what did they find out? When they tested the 150 free VPNs, majority of them had malware and viruses; app permissions. From the data collected from November – December 2018, the researchers concluded that 85% of the free VPNs are unsafe.

You see, these VPN providers need to secure their users and they would need the hardware for it. Usually, their servers are located in different countries and maintaining these servers are pretty expensive. The thing with free apps — not just VPN — need to maintain their services, and they do this through the data provide. So, go for paid services because if not, you would end up on the VPN provider’s menu.

Another found out that 59% of apps they have inspected are connected to China. The free VPN apps are not so free after all because the developers were sharing the data of their users to the Chinese authorities. Other than that, 64% of apps had no activity outside the Google Play Store page, and sadly, only 17% of them bothered to respond to customer emails.

2. It also comes with a free malware.

There’s a huge to get a free malware as well. In fact, the chances are 1 in 3 VPNs have bugs.  To be more precise, 38% of free VPN app may have malware according to a Data61/CSIRO paper. So, would you rather spend more than a $100 per year, or  would you prefer your bank details getting compromised? Surely, having your personal data stolen is more troublesome. You can earn your money again, but if your identity gets stolen, your are in grave danger.

At the end of the day, free services have their own repercussions because you are paying with your personal data. There’s no such thing as a free lunch. Talk to industry experts if you need help regarding cybersecurity. Do not put yourself at risk just because of some free app you found on the internet. If you have any questions and want to schedule an IT consultation, you may contact Omnipotech Support Center or call us at 281-768-4800 right now!


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