5 Ways of Risking Company Data Without Even Knowing It

Do you remember the time when Amazon experienced a data breach back in 2018? Many people are shocked to know that even industry giants become victims of cyber attacks.

Owning a small business, you would think you would be more vulnerable to data breaches. Thus, it is extremely important identify to telltale signs that you company could be at risk. So, you can better prepare in an event of a data breach. Also, you get to think of solutions of stopping, or at least minimizing, the potential damage. With that being said, here are 6 instances that you may be risking your company data without even knowing it.

  1. Poor Passwords

The weakest link to the security link could start from you or your employees. It is through having poor passwords. You see, hackers don’t magically to into your system or bypass security. Truthfully, they just use common patterns such as pet names, birthdays, and other typical ones.

The best way to resolve this issue? Everyone should observe proper password etiquette. Passwords should never be one simple term. Instead, it is a lengthy phrase containing letters, numbers and symbols.

  1. No IT Support

Small businesses think of an IT department as an  extra cost. Usually, people think IT is not necessary and it is just adding more people to pay. No, never think this way. Having an IT staff can help you prevent such data breaches.

Not only that, IT professionals will also help you notice hidden flaws that are visible or recognizable to the common employee. You should, at least, identify risk factors because 60% of businesses close down within 6 months after a cyber attack.

  1. No Proper Authentication

Access to company data should be restricted. Moreover, only the approved employees can access such data. Because if everyone can just request to access and modify, it will exponentially increase the chances of a data breach. There should be procedures on how to access files and how to store it in order to keep it away from prying eyes.

  1. Employees Working Remotely

When you give your employees the freedom work anywhere, you are putting the company at risk. Working remotely may be convenient, but using public networks are unsafe. The more people can access a computer or a network, the more unsecured it is. Following specific procedures can help minimize the risk of being exposed.

  1. Outdated Software

Using an old software can make you more vulnerable. There is a high risk of experiencing data breach because of security issues. Updates will resolve previous security flaws. Technology is constantly evolving so your security should too!

If your company fails to update the operating system or any software, then, you are exposing the company to security threats. Think of it this way, you are still using padlocks to secure a room when the rooms of today are secured with pass codes and key cards.

It is in your hands!

Only you can change the course of your business. If you think your company can identify with the risk factors listed above, contact an IT services provider like Omnipotech. The Omnipotech Support Center will discuss the necessary steps in minimizing security breaches.

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