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Welcome to the OMNIPOTECH Support Center

Please use the following contact information for technical support requests only. For all other inquiries please use the information and form on the Contact Us page.

Business Hours: 8.00AM to 6.00PM, Monday-Friday (Central Standard Time)

Phone Support

Emergency After-Hours Support
Dial 281-768-4800 and press “5” to be directed to the on-call System Architect.

When prompted, you must leave a voicemail to trigger the emergency response. Only by leaving a voicemail will the on-call engineer be notified of your call. Once your voicemail has been completed, a copy of your voicemail will be sent to the on-call engineer, plus all company System Architects. Our System Architects will be notified via text messages on their cell phones and via email that an emergency support call has been logged. We will then logon to our system, listen to your voicemail and call you at the number you recorded in the voicemail to address the issue.

E-mail Support

Remote Assistance
Click the button below to access our remote assistance portal.

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