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Shouldn’t the company that designs, builds, and services your datacenter infrastructure be the same people you call to fix issues at your office? One partner. Desktop to Datacenter designs covering both voice and data solutions.

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Do you want to be able to access your data securely from anywhere, or share it with people you trust? Is it really true that in order to do this you have to entrust your data to big multinationals with an obvious risk that the data may be leaked? The answer is private cloud. OMNIPOTECH easily allows you to have your own private cloud. You have full control over your files, email and databases. It’s your file server, your mail server, your application server, your data, your network – everything is purpose-built for you and used only by your business.

Private Cloud.
Uniquely Built for Only One Business - Yours

  • Private Microsoft Domain
  • Private Microsoft Exchange
  • Private file servers
  • Private application servers
  • Private database servers
  • Your business rules
  • Your infrastructure
  • Your way: Private
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IT Support - Houston, Galleria, StaffordWe have been providing private cloud services since 2002 to thousands of users working around the globe. Call us today to discuss how our services can benefit your company.

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